Related Web Sites

  • Master of Orion 3 (official website)
  • Build Galactic Empires (An Apple Games article (archived on the author's webpage) about the Macintosh version of Master of Orion 3, with commentary being provided by Quicksilver Software President Bill Fisher (January, 2003).)
  • Master of Orion III - The Official Web Site (The official home page for Master of Orion 3, created and maintained by its developer, Quicksilver. )
  • NZMac (A (largely) unscored review of the Macintosh version of the game by NZMac, a New Zealand Apple site. The review is ultimately positive, though with some qualifiers (Jul. 01, 2003).)
  • The Master of Orion 3 Guardian (Fan site offering various information on MOO 3, including modifications ("Mods") of the original game. Has sections for MOO 1 and 2, too.)
  • The Orion Sector (A site run by MOO fans devoted to the latest news, previews, reviews, info, downloads, and more for Master of Orion 3. )

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