Masterblazer Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Company logo Rainbow Arts
Company logo Lucasfilm
Title screen
Introduction and credits sequence
Main menu
Ingame: A goal was scored

Atari ST version

Loading screen.

DOS version

Title screen (VGA).
Main menu (VGA).
The demonstration mode explains the game and its rules (VGA).
Title screen (EGA).
Rotofoils zoom over the 3D playfield, trying to shoot the plasmorb into the opponent's goal (EGA).
Ram into the rotofoil's side to steal the plasmorb from the opponent (EGA)..
Rotofoil race: Avoid obstacles on the course (EGA).
Eight players may compete in tournament (VGA).
The Masterblazer museum contains info on the rotofoils... well as on the history of the game.