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Masters of the Universe: The Movie

MobyRank MobyScore
Atari ST
Commodore 64
Amstrad CPC

User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Amstrad CPC 2 4.5
Atari ST Awaiting 1 votes...
Commodore 64 3 3.7
MSX 2 4.5
ZX Spectrum 2 4.5
Combined MobyScore 9 4.2

The Press Says

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Atari STAtari ST User
I wouldn't describe Masters of the Universe as a program which pushed back the frontiers of programming, but it is very entertaining.
ZX SpectrumACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
The original release wasn't too spectacular across most formats - indeed, it received (and deserved) a blistering ACE write-off. The Spectrum version was marginally more forgiveable and at three quid buys some varied challenges...
Commodore 64ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
The best of the lot, with faster action, decent intro music, and better graphics. You can even get an on-screen map by pressing the space-bar. Even with all these improvements, however, it's still not worth getting.
Amstrad CPCACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
Slow gameplay, reasonably colourful, poor sound. Nothing here to compensate for the weak design of the game and the lack of addictive quality.
ZX SpectrumACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
Worst of the lot. Some of the screens on this would have looked dismal in 1984. In 1988 it's simply unforgivable.
Commodore 64Power Play
Viel Grafik im Speicher, flottes Scrolling inklusive: Technisch ist das Programm ganz gut, doch beim Spielwitz beginnt das große Wehklagen. Ein bißchen „Robotron“, ein wenig Zweikampf-Action, gewürzt mit dem auf Dauer nervtötenden Tippen auf die Tastatur zwecks Orientierung lassen mich nicht gerade vor Freude erbeben Wie viele andere Lizenzspiele hapert‘s bei Masters of the Universe am langweiligen Spielprinzip. Außerdem ist es relativ schnell gelöst. Nachwuchs-He-Men können hier schon mal ein bißchen üben, die Welt zu retten. Sollten Sie kein großer Fan der Universe-Serie sein, dürfen Sie dieses Computerspiel aber ruhigen Gewissens versäumen