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    At last!

    A worthy successor to the ever-popular Match Day football simulation - a game which has remained in the reader charts for over 3 years.

    Written once again by Jon Ritman this NEW Match Day is the result of all the feedback and advice on how to create the pinnacle in computer soccer.

    Pit yourself against the CPU or with 2 players - full league and cup competition with unique code-save facility.

    Jump, head, volley and kick (using the kick-meter) to move the ball form player to player, with automatic deadball setups and goalkeeper control.

    Diamond Deflection System ensures realistic ball ricochets and the action comes with full music and sound FX.

    If you want the very best in football for your micro there's only one choice... Match Day 2 with multi-menu system makes the home computer come alive.

    Contributed by Martin Smith (66858) on Oct 03, 2004.