Math Assault II: Fractions Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The games splash screen. This appears after the shareware order screen in the unregistered version.
A game starts with the player selecting either the Play or the Practice mode. If Play mode is selected the player id must be supplied. The next screen prompts for the difficulty level
Despite the story specifying that the player character is a super hero there is a choice of three male and three female warriors to choose from
The first of the game's introduction screens. These are optional and can be skipped but they set the story.
The start of the game. The player finds themselves back in the past talking to Zeus.
The land of Greecia which the player must cross.
The final piece of advice from Iris
The game begins. The arrow keys control the movement while the mouse is used to select the potions from the window on the right
After killing a baddie the player is asked a question like this.
If the player gets the answer wrong they can skip the question or try again
Zeus is never far away and sends regular encouraging messages
Further into the journey and there's another baddie to be dealt with. They don't all look like this, prior to the zombies there have been guards and serpents
Enough points have been accumulated to earn a change in rank and a chance to fight the boss
Here is the level one boss
After defeating the level one boss he player must answer one more question before they can proceed to level two.
Along the way the player collects power up potions like this one. They are added to the window on the right
By clicking on a potion in the window on the right the player can find out what it is and decide whether this is the right time to use it
Other bonuses that can be collected give the player information that is useful in answering the questions the game poses.
Games can be saved. The player does not select a save game slot, the game handles everything automatically
The high score table