Math Maze

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Apple II
Atari 8-bit
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When you pass the current maze, a congratulation screen apears. In this screen, either the fly or the spider zips back and forth. While this happens, the backround color quickly cycles through all 16 colors, but because the game puts a white backround on the screen, it looks as if the black and magenta fly or the black and cyan spider is flashing very colorfully. A nice CGA trick, kind of like the blue backround in the King's Quest series.

This game allowed for the players to design their own mazes, which lead, personally, to many hours of fun!

Published with D.C. Heath and Company. DesignWare was the edutainment sister company of educational software company EduWare, which were subsidaries of Encyclopaedia Brittanica.

Contributed by Peter Hall (126) on Jan 13, 2000. -- edit trivia