Maths and English with Rayman: Volume 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

When the game loads there's a short animated introduction and, on the first time through, the option to configure a joypad
The game's menu screen
One of the game configuration screens
The player must sign on before playing. The up/down arrows scroll through the letters which are all initially set to 'a'.
Mr Dark stealing the contents of the Magic Book of Knowledge, again.
The Tree of Worlds. On the left are the training missions in Betilla's Garden. Up and Left leads to the first challenges.
In Betilla's Garden practicing jumping. These blue blocks with the yellow starts are bouncy. No wonder he looks so happy.
It may be a place to practice but it's still possible to die in Betilla's Garden.
There are frequent places where the game pauses to load the next bit. There is always a picture or an animation while this happens.
Art Alley: Rayman must choose words that have similar sounds to the word spoken by the Wizard. The choice is made by hitting the paintbrush marker near the selected word.
Art Alley: Getting an answer wrong or falling off the flying platform ends this turn.
Baddies do not have to be fought, they can be avoided.
The red blob with a 'P' on it is a power up that boosts Rayman's fist power.
Getting a photo taken establishes a save point on this level.
The end of stage one, but the baddies must be cleared out of the way before jumping across.
As the player progresses it's not just the questions that get harder. Here the pointy things must be avoided.
Pebble Peril. As usual the Wizard is there at the start to explain everything.
Here Rayman must collect the blue berries beside the number spoken by the wizard. The number can be on either side. He must return to the centre of the rock after each number.
Failure to return to the centre or selecting the wrong number is punished by losing a life.
The exit screen.