Astrosmash Ad Blurbs (Mattel Aquarius)

Astrosmash Mattel Aquarius Title screen


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Advertising Blurbs

Back Cover (US):
    ASTROBLAST cartridge

    *For 1 player at a time--compete with friends for the best Peak Score!

    *2 firing modes--2 speed options.

    *Shoot down a variety of fast-moving targets: falling meteors, spinning bombs, guided missiles--even a bomb-dropping UFO!

    *The computer keeps score, and gives you more challenging game action the higher you go!

    Use either PADDLE or JOYSTICK CONTROLLER (Paddle is preferable) to play ASTROBLAST on your Atari Video Game System or Sears Video Arcade System.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4601) on Mar 02, 2004.

Description from Consumer Electronics Show, 1982:
    The excitement of defending your planet! Falling meteors, missiles, and enemy spacecraft all might knock out your position, but you have both automatic and semi-automatic firing sequences to defend against the onslaught. A one-player game with two levels of difficulty.

    Contributed by RKL (5605) on Sep 20, 2003.

Back of Box:
    ASTROSMASH cartridge.

    You're in command of a battery of laser guns. You have unlimited ammo and a lot of targets! You can roll up big scores by hitting a spectacular barrage of falling rocks, bombs, guided missiles and attacking UFOs. It's fast moving, action-packed excitement every minute! If you're good enough, you can get your score up in the millions, and the higher you go, the faster they come!

    Here comes trouble! Rocks, spinning bombs, laser-seeking guided missiles, and more! Fire at will!

  • It's you against the computer as you try to shoot down everything in sight!
  • The sights and sounds of battle add excitement, as you try to roll up the biggest score!
  • Marksmanship and fast reflexes earn you more lasers - with an unlimited supply of ammo!
  • Lots of variety and increasing challenge as your score goes higher!

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69208) on Aug 19, 2003.