MDK 2 Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title Screen
Kurt shoots up some bad guys.
Dodging Enemy Blasts
Sniper Mode
Gun Power Up!
Kurt's Parachute
That platform exploded nicely!
Hilarious cut scenes between levels
Dodging meteors in a missile
Max's levels are all about shooting stuff.
Max's Jet Pack
Doc does a dance
Combine objects to invent!

MDK 2 Screenshots

Windows version

In-game shot
In-game shot
In-game shot
In-game shot
instructions from a "fish"
Doc looking at the sight ahead of him
Max the robo dog
MDK 2 starts with out heroes celebrating their victory over the aliens in the first game.
Each level has it's own very cool Kirbyesque load screen.
Playing as Kurt is just like the original MDK complete with chaingun...
... ribbon parachute...
... and sniper scope helmet.
As the cyberdog Max, you can carry (and fire) four different weapons simultaneously.
Many of the puzzles Max faces involve managing the limited amount of fuel in his jetpack.
Dr. Hawkins combines objects to form tools and weapons. Atomic toaster + bread = blasted enemies.
Max makes an entrance. This cinematic alone is worth the price of the game.