MDK all optionsContributed by Peter Ferrie (159) on Jun 15, 2012.

command-line options:

-486okbyme -- allow 486-class machine (also skips performance test)
-pprotx -- unknown
-nopprotx -- unknown
-nosound -- disable sound
-nosync -- disable wait for retrace
-anythinggoesX -- enable special in-game options (replace 'X' with letter):

-nobloodno -- disable blood
-bloodyes -- enable blood
-cd -- enable CD check
-iamapirate -- disable CD check
-recordademo -- record gameplay video
-langX -- alternative language (replace 'X' with letter of language)
-lowmemxxx -- control memory location of data
-dev -- enable debug logging
-mem -- specify available memory
-iam486 -- reduced detail
-vbe1.2 -- force enable SVGA

in-game options (recommended to press 'F1' to pause first):
note: cheats do not work in "avoid the radar" or end tunnel sequences

screwyviewing -- enable camera option
movemecrazy -- enable no clipping option
screenshots -- enable saving screenshots
iamaprogrammer -- enable programmer controls
seethewholegame -- enable level select showmoviemdkbzk -- show movie ("misc\flic\mdkbzk.mve" on the CD)
exit -- exit to DOS instantly
kill -- kill Kurt

must have typed "seethewholegame" earlier:

givemealliwantX -- select arena in current world (replace 'X' with arena number)

only once per arena:

healme -- 100% health
ineedabiggun -- super chain gun
tornadopower -- tornado
holodampisfun -- dummy decoy
iliketolob -- mortar
nastysniperplease -- sniper grenade

skip worlds, only one per game:

nomorepractice -- world 1 to 2
toomanytargets -- world 2 to 3
skiphmoplease -- world 3 to 4
meatistoohard -- world 4 to 5
skipovergunt -- world 5 to 6
letmeseetheboss -- world 6 to end sequence

must have typed "givemealliwant" earlier:

dum -- dummy decoy
wmi -- world's most interesting bomb
nuk -- world's smallest nuclear explosion
thu -- thumper
twi -- tornado
tii -- tornado
hbo -- hand grenade
bon -- bones airstrike
gat -- super chain gun
hom -- homing bullets
sgr -- sniper grenade
hgr -- homing sniper grenade
lgr -- mortar
sea -- Gunta snack
end -- finish world, jump to tunnel sequence (must still survive tunnel to reach next world)
tooscaryforme -- no blood
iwillnotbestopped -- Kurt cannot be killed by conventional means

must have typed "movemecrazy" earlier:

cameratesting -- disable clipping (pass through walls)

must have typed "screwyviewing" earlier:

birdseyeview -- view map from above (note: enemies still attack, and Kurt can be killed in this mode)

must have typed "iamaprogrammer" earlier:

conshow -- unknown
sortmethod -- unknown
bsalmethod -- unknown

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