MDK Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Mission Intro
Free fall to the minecrawler
After the free fall - mission start
Shot down the alien fighter.
That apple restores 10% of your health.
Dropping bombs on the aliens.
In sniper mode you can fire six types of ammunition.
Kurt is using his futuristic parachute.
Kurt in disguise, surrounded by giant alien robots.
In your first mission you must eliminate the alien commander.
What's happening?
Flying through some sort of wormhole.
The beginning of your second mission.
Kurt is sliding down on his back.
You have to defeat this one opponent in the arena.
Reflecting surfaces everywhere.
There's only a limited amount of bullets for the super cannon.
A cow in a water tank.
Falling down...
No, you can't walk that way.
What are these aliens doing here?
A huge area with a lot of enemies.
I need to get rid of these two aliens.
That spaceship is deploying a lot of troops.
Try to eliminate the enemies with head-shots.
Under heavy fire...
Running through a corridor.
They're distracted by the decoy I have dropped.
These walls look organic.

MDK Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main menu
Avoiding the missiles.
Game start
Atomic bomb
Opening the doors with the atomic bomb.
Health boost
Sniper mode
Suicidal enemy carrying a bomb.

MDK Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
A close look at the target.
A really close look.
Air insertion while dodging missiles.
A confusing level due to all the reflections.
Gun battle.
Surveying what lies ahead.