Mean Arenas Screenshots

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Amiga version

Your hosts for this evening, Bob Belinski and Buzz McLeod
"Robo Zone"
During the game, you can receive messages from time to time
Detailed statistics
"Dungeon Zone"
You are protected by a ring that destroys enemies when come in contact
"Rainbow Zone"
An enemy respawns
Watch out for the coin master behind you
Watch out for the flame jet
"Starship Zone"
On one of those escalators
Another detailed arena
Speed arena. Get as many gold coins as you can before time expires
This arena represents a human figure
Teleports galore!
Another speed arena
Two orbs surround you
The arena of lava
A later Starship arena has ghosts in it
A bi-plane is about to crash into you
The tutorial arena
Game over, man, game over!
High Scores

Amiga CD32 version

Title screen
Loading screen with a diskette on a CD console
Next arena: Robo
Game start
Level complete
Arena status
Arena: Dungeon