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Amiga version

In the speeder
Oh Boy, Fax!
The NAV computer
Sylvia Linsky. Beautiful, isnt she?
Tex gets a kick in the nuts for being such an asshole
Disk requester
Delores Lightbody
You shouldn't go around threatening people, Tex
Carl Linsky's apartment
Some dialogue
Your inventory
Bash Dagot
Tex theatens Bash for refusing to give him information
"Hello. I'm Tex Murphy, and I'm at the Bridgeview Warehouse"
This is a computer. You use the keyboard to execute scripts on it
Say hello to Vanessa
Say hello to the gorgeous Lee Chin
"A threat. I'm really scared!'
Took too long to shut off the alarm, have you, Tex?
Sandra Larsen
Tex, you really must stop threatening people
Sonny Fletcher.
Arnold Dweeb. Yes, he's a dweeb.
Arnold doesn't like my attempt to threaten him, so he shoots me dead.
Going to see Frank Griffith.
Frank Griffith.
Frank Schimming.
Peter Dull.
Della Lang.
A cabin.
An underground lab.
Lola's apartment.
John Klaus.
Sam Jones.
Law and Order Party Office.
Robert Knott, Nazi for hire.

Atari ST version

Access and the Code Monkeys presents...
Mean Streets - Title screen.
The main menu.
The story so far...
Tex's Speeder.
Lee Chin, Tex's informant.
Vanessa, Tex's secretary.
The navagation screen for the Speeder.
A gun fight arcade sequence.
Looks like a dead end here...
Tex enters his Speeder.
Carl's home.
Tex drops by Sylvia Linsky's apartment.
Sylvia Linsky.
The beach house.
A NEXUS computer. A passcard and a password are required to use it.
Talking with Lola.
Talking with Sandra Larsen.
J Saint Gideon's pad. Big, huh?
Talking with J Saint Gideon.
A torn up lab, and a dead guy on the floor... Something evil is afoot.
Coit Tower.
Larry and Darrel Hammond.
Am I seeing things, or is that a big sign for US GOLD?
The people at US GOLD are too busy to talk to Tex.
After visiting US GOLD, I got this fax full of shameless plugs for other US GOLD games.
Underground lab.
Davis' lab.
Frank Schimming, ruthless business man.
Dropping by the Insurance Company.
Peter Dull, life insurance salesmen.
The Medical Examiner's office.
Medical Examiner.
Fletcher, a tough old guy.
At the beach.
Crooked cop.
Getting thrown out of a building.

Commodore 64 version

In the speeder
Oh Boy. Fax!
The NAV computer
Auto-piloting the speeder
Disk requester
Talking to Sylvia Linsky
Tex threatened Sylvia, and regretted it
Lee Chin
Delores Lightbody
You know, people are more likely to punch you if they are being threatened
Carl Linsky's Apartment
Bash Dagot
Tex punches Dagot if he gets no information
Bridgeview Warehouse
You shouldn't be messing around with stuff you don't own
Computer on screen
Your inventory
Took too long to shut off the alarm, have you, Tex?
Next time, Tex, don't mess around with apes
Not again
The story so far...
Smiley Monroe. He's a cop, but he likes his bribe money.
J. Saint Gideon's mansion.
J. Saint Gideon gloats about his past.
Wanda Peck - Newspaper reporter.
Arnold Dweeb. Yep, he's a dweeb. But he's got plenty of info to give if you've got the dough.
1980's hair in the 2030's?
Californian cabin.
Beach house.
Secret underground lab.
Law and Order office.
Meeting up with Mr. Big.
Boiler room at Alcatraz.

DOS version

Title screen
intro scene
main menu
Talking with Lee, Tex's informant
Talking with Vanessa, Tex's secretary
Traveling (plotting a course)
Sylvia's apartment
Talking with Sylvia
Talking with Arnold Dweeb
Searching a lab
Talking with Schimming
An action sequence
walking mode
best thing after inputting the coordinates is to operate the autopilot
Kick the mutant^^ (MCGA/VGA)
San Fransisco (MCGA/VGA)
carl linsky's lover (MCGA/VGA)
The beach house.
Ron Morgon's cabin.
Robert Knott, the neo-Nazi stiff.
The HQ of Law and Order.
An apartment.
Sonny Fletcher.
Tex gets a sucker punch.
Smiley Monroe, the cop who isn't so honest.
Wanda Peck, the newspaper reporter.
Tex gets a fax.
J. Saint Gideon's pad. This guy must be loaded with some serious cash...
J. Saint Gideon.
Tex checks out Carl Linsky's place.
Steve Clement, police detective.
Peter Dull, the dull insurance salesman.
A gun battle erupts in the bad side of town.
Tom Griffith, MTC's Vice President.
Checking out the Big Surf Hotel.
A security squad guards this office.
Sam Jones.
The warehouse.
Tex is trapped in the boiler room of Alcatraz, can he escape?
Title Screen (EGA / TANDY)
Walking to your speeder. (EGA / TANDY)
Video chatting with your secretary. (EGA / TANDY)
A fax! (EGA / TANDY)
Your client, Sylvia Linsky (EGA / TANDY)
Flying your speeder. (EGA / TANDY)
Carl Linsky's home. (EGA / TANDY)
Title Screen. (CGA)
Walking to your speeder. (CGA)
Video chatting with your secretary. (CGA)
Flying your speeder. (CGA)
A fax!
Your client, Sylvia Linsky. (CGA)
Carl Linksky's home. (CGA)

Macintosh version

Startup screen
Opening credits
Main title
Main menu
Game options
Entering your speeder
The case info
You will have to fly the speeder to travel between locations
Help screen
Using a car's vidphone
Various info will arrive by fax

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