MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main Menu
Instant Action (Trial of Grievance) Mech Bay
In-Game - taking out a Stormcrow
"Enemy Mech...Destroyed"
Pew pew pew
Dramatic angles are dramatic.
Nova, using jump jets.

PlayStation version

Intro cinema
Title screen
Main menu
Clan Wolf's intro movie.
Clan Wolf mission screen. Original campaign plus two bonus.
Very simple mission briefs. No voice or animations.
Loading out the mech for battle.
Swat him out of the sky!
Taking apart a target facility with missiles.
Enemy mech destroyed.
Looks like I've alerted the locals.
Clan Jade-Falcon intro movie.
Objectives are updated as you complete them.
Shot a part off of this mech. He won't be using that anymore.
Different mechs have different stats and cockpit designs.

Windows version

Jade Falcon Clan Hall
Successful mission
Gee-whiz! I'm glad I ate my Wheaties this morning.
I'm here to chew bubble gum and kick some butt----and I'm all outta bubble gum!