MechWarrior 3: Pirate's Moon Credits


Project ManagementJim Bosler, Brian Soderberg
Design LeadGeorge Sinfield
SoftwareCarl Christofferson, Bob Gutmann, Michael Gutmann, Mark Heinen, Gary Hinger, Rick Jarvis, Brian Soderberg
Support SoftwareMichael Horn (Blevin Enterprises), David Korus (Blevin Enterprises)
3D ArtistsDan Henley, Scott Luse, Tom Sternberg, Doug Wilcox
Additional ArtJay Banchero, David Kern, Russell Phillips, Arnel Ramac, Victor Von Beck
Design SupportPaul Reed
Business ManagementJim Bosler
Art DirectorDaniel Dociu
ProducerMichael Bilodeau
DesignerMichael Bilodeau, Scott Crisostomo, Colin Munson, Nels Nelson, George Sinfield, Brian Soderberg
Product ManagerPeter Matiss
Executive ProducerMichael Mancuso
Creative DirectorDavid Walls
Chief Creative OfficerJohn Sutyak
PresidentThomas Dusenberry
Senior V.P. Reseach and DevelopmentTony Parks
V.P. of TechnologyRich Reily
V.P. of StudiosPaul Fullwood
Director, Project ManagementRob Sears
Director of Quality AssuranceMichael Craighead
Q.A. ManagerKurt Boutin
Q.A. SupervisorAndy Mazurek
Q.A. LeadNels Nelson
Assistant LeadColin Munson
TestersD'Juan Bragg, Scott Carpenter, Richard Chung, Steve Cohrs, Scott Crisostomo, Bing Crowell, Joel Dwy, Robert Ivey, Lesley Mathieson, Jason Allan Mickela, Shawn Stone
Managing DirectorJim Buchanan
General ManagerJohn Hurlbut
Director of MarketingTom Nichols
Director of Marketing ServicesGeorge Burtch
Chief Visual OfficerSteve Webster
Manager of Creative ServicesSteve Martin
Manager of Editorial / Documentation ServicesElizabeth Mackney
Creative Services ManagerKathryn Lynch
Manual WriterTom Dowd
Documentation ManagerMarisa Ong
Channel Marketing DirectorTim Evans
Channel Marketing ManagerSarah McIlroy
Director of Public RelationsLaura Tomasetti
Manager of Technical ServicesTony Moreira
V.P. of Administration and OperationsBob Sadacca
Operations and Special Projects ManagerTracy Kureta
Legal and FinanceLinda Ferros, Donna Mahan, Laurel Marchessault
Special ThanksJim Bosler, Richard Browne, Jon B. Kimmich, James Mayo, Kelly Zmak

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76520) and Kasey Chang (4617)