Medal of Honor: European Assault Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

Title Screen
Main menu
There are four campaigns in total
Starting a mission somewhere in Tunisia.
Following comrades into battle.
Enemy panzer tank found.
Sniper has found a target.
Storming the docks
Leaning around the corner to evade hitting your comrade
Right in the aim
This enemy soldier has been shot but not dead
Mission objectives
Checking the map
Shotgun is useful in closed quarters
Those two soldiers in front of a Tiger tank are right in my scope
Each mission has its own unique loading screen
Two guards completely unaware of your presence, but not for long
Throwing grenades at the enemy behind the covers
Close encounter
Full scale attack to finish off Von Schrader
Single bazooka hit won't destroy enemy tank, but two more will
Calling in an air strike
Approaching King Tiger class tanks
This Tiger tank is too slow to miss

Xbox version

The title screen shows a nazi-dominated Europe.
This screen is were you can set up your game.
Loading screens show a snapshot of the area you will be fighting in.
Each operation has a film clip of WW2.
The start of each mission gives you a brief rundown of what you need to accomplish.
Objectives can be unlocked by exploring the level.
The map shows you where your objectives are located.
You now have basic control over three team mates.
Health kits are no longer automatically used.
Revives allow you to continue from the same spot ware you were killed.
Some unlocked objectives require you to blow things up.
Free captured commandos to help you fight in the game.
This is where is all starts for the British.
It would not be Medal of Honor without bombed out buildings!
The graphics are good in places.
Taking cover is very important in European Assault.
V2 rockets need to be destroyed so you can progress further.
This tank took out two of my team mates and 6 other fighters!
Don't let this screenshot fool you! This place is crawling with Germans!
This u-boat needs to be taken out quickly before reinforcements arrive!
The rifle is deadly accurate!
You can now peek around corners.
Each level has a nemesis to deal with .
Unlike Frontline or Rising Sun, Germans will quickly get out of the way when you use mounted guns.
It's not just the British you fight with!
On the Russian front the Germans are savage.
When you kill Germans they normally fade away but this one did not!