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A decent FPS on the PS2, but could've ironed out some issues. PlayStation 2 StickFigures (173)
An emotional, immersive WWII FPS PlayStation 2 Matt Neuteboom (989)
Whow, actually a good one in the series. PlayStation 2 MAT (182705)
Excellent war game that help paved the way. PlayStation 2 Big John WV (27250)
Witness the beginning of the decline of the 'Medal of Honor' series. PlayStation 2 Entorphane (375)

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Platform Votes Score
GameCube 15 3.0
PlayStation 2 41 3.6
PlayStation 3 Awaiting 5 votes...
Xbox 16 3.0
Combined User Score 72 3.3

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PlayStation 2UOL Jogos (Jul 11, 2002)
Apesar de todos os seus problemas, Medal of Honor é um jogo extremamente competente em sua execução. Se você conseguir olhar além das falhas que tanto irritam jogadores em games medíocres e se concentrar nos pontos onde Frontline realmente brilha, você poderá viver aquilo que Spielberg tentou recriar em seu famoso filme de guerra.
PlayStation (UK) (Jun 23, 2002)
Frontline is without doubt the best first person shooter I've played on any platform in the last few years, and arguably the best console shooter of recent times. A mixture of addictive gameplay, a tense atmosphere, the ever-popular World War II setting, gorgeous graphics and solid Dolby Surround audio adds up to a compelling experience. If you loved Saving Private Ryan, A Bridge Too Far or Band Of Brothers and fancy liberating Europe for yourself, this is the game you've been waiting for. Genius.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (May 29, 2002)
If you've somehow managed to avoid being converted into a fan of this groundbreaking series, Frontline will provide all the proof you need. Games like this are the reason you bought a PS2 in the first place.
PlayStation 2Netjak (Oct 03, 2002)
I’m impressed, so impressed I play the first mission over and over and over again. The controls may be a little iffy at first, the frame rate drops ever so-often; but the war sounds and game play more than make up for every fault the game has.
PlayStation 2GameZone (May 20, 2002)
Medal of Honor: Frontline will engross you with its gameplay, mesmerize you with its music and surprise you with its intelligence.
XboxConsoles Plus (Dec, 2002)
Un excellent jeu, mais qui présente quelques petits défauts de maniabilité et se frotte à une concurrence sévère en matière de Doom-Like sur Xbox.
XboxGameZone (Nov 27, 2002)
An amazing experience from the very start, Medal of Honor: Frontline for the Xbox is still as thrilling as it was the first time around. For gamers playing this game for the first time, you will be blown away but the raw intensity of the action. For those who have played the game before, there is no dramatic change except for the phenomenal addition of the multiplayer games. This one is a real Must-buy either way.
PlayStation 2GameSpy (Jun 14, 2002)
As it stands, this is simply the best World War II game released on any console. More so, from the opening sequences to the last round, this game rivals Allied Assault as one of the most captivating war-gaming experiences. Medal of Honor: Frontline is not to be missed.
GameCubeNintendojo (2002)
I think that any mature GameCube owner would really enjoy going through this challenging and fun title and then whooping arse in the multiplayer battles. I like this one. Now go out there, buy the game and slap some swastika heads with nice large Springfield bullets.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Jun, 2002)
Initially, I worried when I discovered that the next edition of my favorite console FPS series would appear on PC. I irrationally assumed that DreamWorks would focus its talent on creating a stellar PC experience, and leave PC's shrapnel for the PS2 version. Fortunately, although different, Frontline offers every bit of Nazi-eradicating enjoyment found in Allied Assault.
PlayStation 2PSX Extreme (Jun 01, 2002)
In the end, the wait for Frontline was well worth it. I absolutely love the whole experience that this game offers. The presentation is practically unparalleled with any other FPS title I've played, save of course Allied Assault. EA really makes you feel as if you're part of the war, and that you're not just playing another sci-fi first person shooter. This feels authentic, and legit -- to sum it up, "real". That is all of course thanks to the incredible attention to detail in graphics and gameplay, not to mention the surreal sound. First person shooter fans, this is a MUST HAVE game. A very recommended purchase, despites its few setbacks.
PlayStation 2Game industry News (GiN) (2002)
Even with the AI shortcomings, MOH Frontline runs up there with Red Faction as the best first person shooter on the PlayStation 2. The overall WWII environment is alluring, the gameplay fast and intense, and the score beautiful and enchanting. Only the quibbles in the game's AI result in a 4 1/2 Gem rating. I know that Frontline will be coming out soon to the Xbox, and hopefully the AI will be tweaked a bit when it is released. As it stands right now, you can't find a better shooter, or hardly a better game, for the PS2.
PlayStation 2The Age (Jun 27, 2002)
Gameplay isn't all about rapid gunfire and grenades; you'll also need to use stealth and strategy. As well as picking up ammunition and health packs along the way, you'll need to keep your eye out for disguises - what better way to infiltrate enemy lines than wearing the uniform of a foe? Special attention has been paid to the historical accuracy of this game. Throughout the game you'll get to pull the triggers of more than 20 authentic weapons, including the Springfield sniper rifle, Panzerschreck rocket launcher and Browning automatic rifle. From the range of weapons to the vehicles and backdrops, you could swear you've been transported back to the 1940s. You may even find yourself wondering if the game's artistic designers have spent too much time watching Saving Private Ryan. Whether you're crawling through bunkers, trenches, bloody fields or dilapidated buildings, you'll find yourself with the weight of the world on your shoulders.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (May 31, 2002)
Extras or no, Medal of Honor Frontline is an excellent game. Broken down into several facets, the game still shines on all fronts. It's visually impressive and aurally incredible, and it essentially is a superb entry in the shooter genre. The attention to historical details further augments the experience, though those who consider themselves fans of shooters would do well to add this game to their collection. Even gamers who harbor only a passing interest in this style of game will probably find it worth their money. In short, Medal of Honor Frontline is a shooter that can stand toe-to-toe with the best the genre has to offer.
PlayStation (Jun 10, 2002)
Der neuste Teil der Medal of Honor-Serie kämpft ohne Zweifel an vorderster Front der 3D-Shooter Titel auf allen Systemen. Was hier an Spannung, Action und Story geboten wird ist wirklich einmalig. Mein Befehl für die kommenden Sommerwochen: Zimmer abdunkeln, Sourround-Analge aufdrehen, MoH ins Laufwerk schieben, einen Stahlhelm aufsetzen und ab and die Front, Soldat!
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Jun 05, 2002)
While it’s not without some snags here and there, Medal of Honor Frontline is an entertaining game that has a lot of life in it to keep you playing. The atmosphere of the game is simply amazing – something that is very difficult to pull off well in most games. The missions never get really repetitive and each carries a unique premise to it, giving plenty of variety. The game is also fairly long, giving 15-20 hours of gameplay, so it’s well worth the $50 dollar purchase. FPS and WWII fans would be dumb to not give Frontline a shot – and anyone else should certainly give it a chance as well, because a good game is a good game, no matter what the theme or genre of the game happens to be.
XboxGame Informer Magazine (Dec, 2002)
The Medal of Honor series is not just a great batch of first-person shooters. They put you into the most brutal military conflicts of the last century. Frontline may just be the most intense, enjoyable history lesson you ever get.
GameCubeGame Informer Magazine (Dec, 2002)
No matter what system you own, you’re guaranteed an excellent World War II first-person shooter, courtesy of Electronic Arts. Pound for pound, Frontline is one of the best there is on the console FPS market. You’ve got a good story, great graphics, solid gameplay, an interesting assortment of weapons, and cinema-quality music…what’s not to like?
87 (Dec 14, 2002)
Technisch klar besser als die PS2-Fassung und atmosphärisch immer noch einer der stärksten Vertreter seiner Art, kann Medal of Honor: Frontline überzeugen - zumindest im Einzelspieler-Modus. Sowohl die strikte Linearität als auch die hin und wieder auftauchenden KI-Schwächen werden durch das Leveldesign und die Film-Atmosphäre sehr gut kompensiert und sorgen für ein Mittendrin-Gefühl, das man in dieser Form höchst selten zu Gesicht bekommt. Der neue Multiplayer-Modus ist hingegen eine kleine Enttäuschung. Wenig Spielmodi und keine Bot-Möglichkeit nehmen dem guten Ansatz recht schnell den Spaß. Trotzdem gehört Medal of Honor: Frontline mit Sicherheit zu den momentan besten Vertretern des Genre und kann jedem Shooter-Fan bedenkenlos ans Herz gelegt werden.
PlayStation (Jun 21, 2002)
Technisch sauber, in manchen Momenten sogar hervorragend, wird Medal of Honor Frontline zwar nicht als optisches Meisterwerk in die Annalen der Softwaregeschichte eingehen, kann aber durch eine grandiose Atmosphäre kleinere Mängel übertünchen. Denn angesichts der Spannung, die vor dem Bildschirm aufkommt, sieht man gerne über Schwankungen der Texturqualität, kleine Unstimmigkeiten mit der Steuerung und die extreme Linearität hinweg. Andererseits allerdings auch nicht so weit, dass es einen Award rechtfertigen würde. Aber vielleicht haben wir ja nach den exzellenten PSone-Vorgängern unsere Erwartungen ein kleines bisschen zu hoch angesetzt. Doch unter dem Strich können alle Shooter-Fans ohne nachzudenken zu MoH Frontline greifen und ein intensives Spielerlebnis genießen.
PlayStation 2ActionTrip (Jul 11, 2002)
In short, making a realistic FPS based on WWII is highly tasteless and somewhat degrading to soldiers who fought during the war. This is a personal problem and while I highly doubt many of you will share my viewpoint on this please remember, I am not ranting about this in any way. I had family who fought in WWII and I find this game to not honor their memory in an adequate way. I was however moved by the addition of the famous war poem which the game opens with. If for this reason alone I found the game less enjoyable you may see my comments above most of which were positive about the game and choose to play it. The game itself was quite well constructed and if you have no moralistic dilemmas as I did, you will find it quite enjoyable.
PlayStation 2PlayFrance (Apr 10, 2003)
Medal of Honor : En première ligne s’impose donc fort logiquement comme le meilleur First Person Shooter de la PlayStation 2 (en attendant TimeSplitters 2 ?). La réalisation sans faille de cet épisode confirme une nouvelle fois la qualité de la série. Le jeu aurait sans doute frisé la perfection si un mode multi-joueurs avait été présent, et si les développeurs avaient davantage osé inclure des nouveautés dans le gameplay. Mais après tout, « Medal of Honor : En première ligne » n’a pas besoin de ça pour être le numéro un donc si vous appréciez les FPS, ne passez surtout pas à côté. Rompez !
GameCubeGameZone (Nov 26, 2002)
With good gameplay, amazing sound and absorbing atmosphere, Frontline is a great title not to be missed. While far from perfect, Frontline is still one of the best first person shooters around. Anyone would hasn’t played the PS2 version should definitely give Frontline on the GameCube a look.
85 (Dec 05, 2002)
Un titre tout à fait remarquable même si l'on aurait pu légitimement souhaiter qu'il apporte plus d'améliorations par rapport à la version PS2. Les joueurs sur consoles Sony n'auront finalement qu'à jalouser la présence d'un mode multijoueur sur Gamecube et Xbox.
PlayStation (Jun 07, 2002)
Sans être radicalement mieux qu'Allied Assault sur PC ce Medal Of Honor signe une performance remarquable sur la console Sony. Sa réalisation presque sans faille, ses graphismes somptueux en font très probablement la nouvelle référence des FPS sur PS2.
85 (Dec 05, 2002)
En somme si ce Medal Of Honor n'est pas exempt de défauts au niveau de son gameplay, il constituera quoi qu'il en soit une valeur sûre en matière de FPS sur Gamecube. Immersif, rythmé et cohérent, ce titre scotchera les joueurs devant leur écran tout au long de la campagne solo et trouvera un peu de renouveau grâce aux parties multijoueur.
XboxGameSpot (Nov 14, 2002)
In the end, Medal of Honor Frontline is a terrific game that will satisfy anyone who is looking for a first-person shooter. The game's level and mission design are extremely well done and provide an ample amount of different activities, keeping the gameplay fresh from start to finish. The game's graphics, audio, and overall presentation are almost flawless in every aspect, which makes it one of those games that you'll want to pull out and show off to people. So if you're a World War II buff who's into first-person shooters, Medal of Honor Frontline is as good as it gets.
GameCube64 Power / big.N / N Games (Dec, 2002)
Größte Kritikpunkle sind der maue Mehrspielermodus und die fehlenden Speicherpunkte im Level. Dein Spielstand wird erst am Ende einer Mission gesichert, was sehr frustrierend sein kann. Technisch ist Medal of Honor: Frontline gelungen. Die Steuerung funktioniert typisch. Mit den beiden analogen Sticks bewegst du dich vorwärts, rückwärts und zur Seite, während die restlichen Buttons für Waffenwechsel, Angriff und Ducken zuständig sind. Medal of Horror Frontline bietet übrigens nicht die bei Konsolen-Shootern beliebte halbautomatische Zielerfassung.
PlayStation (Jun 17, 2002)
Medal of Honor Frontline on opettavainen ja viihdyttävä peli, joka opettaa pelaajalleen toisen maailmansodan historiaa, sotatantereen brutaalista kauhua ja arkipäivän sankaruutta. Se on äänillään erinomaista tunnelmaa suoltava seikkailu, joka viihdyttää ketä tahansa pelaajaa muutaman illan. Uudelleenpelaamisarvoa sillä ei juurikaan ole, eikä Frontlinea läpäise ärsyyntymättä, mutta FPS-pelien listalla se sijoittuu ylempään kolmannekseen. PS2:sta ei ole suotu kovinkaan monella toimivalla 3D-räiskinnällä, mutta Frontlinea uskaltaa suositella ainakin genren ystäville.
GameCubeGameSpy (Nov 23, 2002)
The production values for Frontline are way up there, and with great voice acting, cool FMV cutscenes, and more atmosphere than most other FPS titles, the game is a winner for WWII action fans and newbies alike. The good points and overall game experience conquer the small negative niggles for the most part, and what you're left with is a very challenging FPS for the GameCube steeped in classic good vs. evil gameplay. Allied Assault on the PC remains the most accurate, impressive Medal of Honor title, while Frontline gives GameCube owners their first taste of guts and glory. It's an excellent game, and for the time being it'll remain one of the best FPS titles available.
82 (Dec 21, 2002)
Alles, was die PS2- und Xbox-Spieler an Medal of Honor Frontline schätzen, findet sich auch in der GameCube-Fassung wieder: ein ausgefeiltes Leveldesign, eine fantastische Sounduntermalung und vor allem eine grandiose Atmosphäre, die es in dieser Form nur selten in Spielen gibt. Dass die Linearität und die hin und wieder auftauchenden KI-Probleme gleich mit konvertiert wurden, ist schade, war aber vorauszusehen. Bei der Grafik allerdings bleibt Frontline auf dem GameCube klar hinter den Cousins auf den anderen Systemen zurück. Das Ruckeln ist wahrlich nicht schön anzuschauen und hat einen immensen Einfluss auf das Spielgefühl und damit auch auf den Spielspaß. Trotzdem: auch auf dem Cube hat MoH Frontline das Zeug, in die vorderste Riege der Ego-Shooter vorzustoßen. Denn aselbst mit den auftretenden grafischen Mankos ist der Ausflug in die Wirren des Zweiten Weltkriegs kein schlechtes Spiel, das immer noch faszinieren kann.
GameCubeNetjak (Mar 29, 2006)
Gamers hoping for the next GoldenEye will be dissapointed with Frontline's mediocre multiplayer, but will have no trouble falling in love with the solid one player campaign mode. As far as first person shooters on the GameCube go, Medal of Honor: Frontline is pretty dang good.
XboxGameSpy (Nov 19, 2002)
The Xbox version of Frontline is resplendent with an all-new split screen multiplayer deathmatch mode. There's a wad of different characters, weapons configurations and levels to choose from and even though with four players on the screen, the game remains fun and very playable. It's a pity that online play wasn't figured into the deal, but that's something that'll probably happen for the next Medal of Honor game.
GameCubeOfficiel Nintendo Magazine (Jan, 2003)
Comme quoi un gameplay classique n'a parfois besoin que d'une ambiance qui prenne aux tripes : MoH offre une expérience tout simplement unique !
80 (UK) (Jan 06, 2003)
In the digital entertainment stakes, EA really has made World War II its own, and Frontline is its standard bearer. It's a long, spirited adventure with little to be said against it. Ok so the AI isn't perfect, some of the missions are a touch contrived and given the proper attention it could have looked twice as good on Xbox, but instead of letting that cloud our judgement we enjoyed Frontline throughout. If you're open-minded enough to kill low-poly Axis troops and don't mind being led by the nose, then don't let a clutch of angry graphics whores dissuade you: this is top fun.
PlayStation 2Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 07, 2003)
Medal of Honor: Frontline är ändå inte en dålig utgåva, även om spelet har vissa fel, som man antingen vänjer sig vid eller bara blir irriterad på. Den här recensenten blev lite av båda delarna, men hängde ändå på och spelade igenom äventyret, och därmed kan det alltså spelas, om man kan bortse från de ovannämnda punkterna.
PlayStation 2Gamesdog (Oct 01, 2003)
Overall it's a cut above MOH and MOHU as you'd expect from the more powerful platform. Yes, the atmosphere is great, the game has a good GI feel to it. The video, briefings and plot make it authentic, realistic and great fun. The only criticism I might have, is that it can't really do open country, most paths you have to follow, rather than the more dynamic free ranging maps of the PCs Operation Flashpoint. All in all, a good realistic wholesome FPS. But the story doesn't end there. MOHRS (Medal of Honor Rising Sun) is the next installment for the MOH party, which should appear in Autumn 2003.
XboxGame Critics (Jul 03, 2002)
Frontline has a James Bond-style plot (except set during World War II), and this is where Frontline could have lost its authentic connection with the time period. It would have been easy for the game to spin into some tour of intrigue and deception, with World War II going in the background. It could have focused more on the sinister behavior of Nazi generals and weapons of mass destruction. It would have been easy for Frontline to fall toward the mythical side of the war. But gamers will see right from the start that Frontline is not only different from the previous two titles in the series, it is also different from anything they have ever played.
XboxGamePro (US) (Nov 11, 2002)
Medal of Honor Frontline probably deserves a medal as a first-rate action combat in the WWII category. The Germans are tough, but you know the outcome already. This game smells like victory.
PlayStation 2IGN (Jun 03, 2002)
What's so amazing about the game is that despite its simplistic and seemingly rehashed level design (if you have played the previous two MOH games, you know what I mean), some chuggy levels with unappealing framerates and awkward, imprecise control, MOHF overcomes its weaknesses by delivering a unique and genuine gameplay experience unlike anything. Some of the levels are amazing, while others fall into step behind the last two iterations of the series.
XboxIGN (Nov 05, 2002)
It's too bad that Medal of Honor: Frontline couldn't have been reworked to make use of any Xbox-specific effects, or even better textures and models. This could've have been a really visually stunning game.
GameCubeIGN (Nov 12, 2002)
GameCube's library of first-person action games is steadily growing. After jumping through time in the excellent TimeSplitters 2 and battling space pirates in Metroid Prime, owners of Nintendo's little box will now be able to join the Allied troops on their quest to free Europe from the Nazi occupation. An almost 1:1 port of this summer's PlayStation 2 version, Medal of Honor is a valuable addition to the GameCube lineup in that it broadens the platform's appeal to older gamers, but it's far from perfect.
XboxNetjak (Jan 21, 2003)
Frontline has slight edge over its PC counterpart in level design and cinematic style, though the graphics are not as sharp and the enemy AI is a lot dumber. The control setup is so different that the core combat mechanics are drastically changed (for the better, I think). The stripped-down multiplayer won't keep you interested for long, but there is still a good amount of great single player action here. As much as the technical shortcomings and weak mission objectives annoyed me, I felt compelled to fire up that mean, green machine and get one more level in before bedtime - and that counts for something. This game would make a great rental and a solid buy for someone looking for a quality run-and-gun FPS.
GameCubeNintendoWorldReport (May 09, 2003)
Medal of Honor: Frontline has some very strong points in its presentation, but in the face of competitors in the genre, it doesn’t stand its ground very well. World War II buffs will certainly enjoy this game, but if you’re looking for a great GameCube shooter, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.
GameCubeGamePro (US) (Nov 06, 2002)
Still, the good outweighs the bad, and MOHF is a blast as long as you leave your brain at the door. Besides, kiboshing Nazis is always a choice way to kill some hours.
GameCubeGameCell UK (2002)
All in all, a competent (if slightly disappointing) conversion of a classic PS2 game. MOHF still provides some seriously atmospheric and exciting gaming, and is simply unmissable if you've never played the earlier versions.
XboxThunderbolt Games (May 18, 2003)
Medal of Honor: Frontline is a solid first person shooter, but it suffers from lack of freedom and dated, PS2 graphics. The game's strong point is the presentation, which is very polished and effectively immerses the player into the WWII atmosphere. The audio quality is especially impressive. Gunshots, grenade explosions and other battle ambiance sound like they were taken straight out of Saving Private Ryan. Unfortunately, the graphics are poor by Xbox standards and actually detract from the game experience. Another issue with the game is a general lack of freedom.
GameCubeGameplanet (Jan 13, 2003)
A generally very good game that is heavily scarred by poor AI and limited multiplayer. Still, a fun game that is engrossing and worth the effort of getting past the poor control, with a good story and very atmospheric to boot.
XboxThe Video Game Critic (Mar 16, 2008)
Frontline isn't the landmark title it once was, but it's certainly a high quality war title for the Xbox.
XboxX-Power (Jan 27, 2003)
Frontline is té nadrukkelijk een flauwere kopie van de PC game Allied Assault en smaakt als een opportunistische poging om wat geld binnen te rijven dankzij de huidige populariteit van de WO II fictie. Je kan MoH : Frontline zeker geen slecht spel noemen, twee of drie jaar terug zou ik het zelfs "goed" hebben durven noemen. Maar gezien het huidige aanbod binnen het genre op zowel console als PC, is Frontline simpelweg zijn prijskaartje niet waard.
XboxGames TM (Dec, 2002)
Medal of Honor for Xbox was a wonderful prospect but the finished result is extremely disappointing. With such strong competition, we can't really recommend this.