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PSP 5 3.7
Wii 7 3.9
Combined User Score 12 3.8

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WiiGame Vortex (Dec 28, 2007)
Seeing how much creativity went into the Wii controls begs the question again of whether the Wii itself is stimulating more creative development techniques or whether developers have always been this creative and have just been constrained by hardware limitations. That's an academic question, but games like Medal of Hono:r Heroes 2 are truly proof that superior graphics don't define the greatness of a game as much as creative gameplay and mechanics. The Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 story and formula is consistent from platform to platform, but if you have a Wii you owe it to yourself to pick up Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 on this platform and rest assured you're having more fun than your PS3 and 360 friends.
WiiGamers' Temple, The (Nov 23, 2007)
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that aside from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (which isn’t really an FPS), Medal Of Honor 2 Heroes is the Wii’s definitive FPS experience. It successfully caters to all audiences, from kids to adults, casual gamers to hardcore ones and new school online fans and old school players alike. The game’s main faults are it’s distasteful subject matter (imagine how outraged you’d be if they made a game out of the Iraq war? Especially if you knew someone who was actually there?) and it’s unfortunate label as a Wii Zapper game, when, in fact, the Wii Zapper kills most of the game’s fun and playability. If you can ignore these two missteps, Medal Of Honor 2 Heroes is more than worth your time and money in this crowded holiday season. If you decide to give the game a try, I’ll kill you online soon. The best part is, you’ll never know it was me.
86 (Dec 12, 2007)
Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is not without its hiccups, but ultimately is the finest FPS experience you can have on the Wii. Add to that online play and you have a winning combination that needs to be experienced by Wii players.
WiiGameLemon (Oct 19, 2008)
All in all, despite its setbacks, Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is an innovative experience that brings WWII to life in your living room. Just wash your hands when you're done.
WiiNintendojo (2008)
Despite its origins as a PSP port, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 really feels like a ground-up offering. The shooting mechanics are superior to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the arcade mode is comparable to Ghost Squad or Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, and the production values compare favorably with just about anything not featuring Mario or Samus. On the multiplayer front, Heroes 2 proves superior to almost anything Nintendo has yet published, save perhaps Mario Kart Wii. In short, this is a game that any gamer with even passing interest in first-person shooters needs to check out. Highly recommended.
WiiGame Freaks 365 (2007)
The Wii has a serious lack of quality third party titles. Medal of Honor Heroes II helps to fill that void. From the online multi-player to the single-player story and arcade mode, there is plenty of shooting to be had. EA attempted a first with 32 player multi-player on Wii (most PS3 and Xbox 360 games don't even support it) and they deserve credit for their attempt. Even better, EA Nation is used in place of friend codes. That's right, no more friend codes! If for some reason you find yourself bored this holiday season, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 will keep you entertained for some time.
WiiPGNx Media (Nov 26, 2007)
Medal of Honor Heroes 2 isn’t going to win awards for being groundbreaking or innovating. But if you’re a Wii owner looking forward to running down some Germans using your new Wii Zapper or just want a good, old-fashioned run-and-gun shooter, then this is your game.
WiiNintendoWorldReport (Dec 02, 2007)
If I had to pick one game to compare this one to, it actually wouldn't be another WWII shooter. It would be Goldeneye 007 on the N64. From the shooting gallery feel of the campaign AI to the simple but addictive multiplayer mode, the similarities are undeniable. Goldeneye was a great game, and Medal of Honor Heroes 2 stands shoulder to shoulder with it in nearly every way. But a game released in 2007 really shouldn't be making me feel like it's 1998 all over again. When a developer is able to marry the perfect controls of this game with content and gameplay that are equally polished, we'll really have something. And judging by Team Fusion's admirable first effort on Wii, they might just be the developers to do it.
WiiIGN (Nov 08, 2007)
Overall though, there’s no denying the pure entertainment of Medal of Honor Heroes 2. The game controls amazingly well with IR, is customizable to a ridiculous degree, includes impressive 32-player online play that runs far better than EA’s other online efforts, and even includes some casual-friendly modes with Arcade mode. The game looks beautiful, runs in 16:9 and 480p, and sets the bar extremely high for other Wii FPS titles, as it equips players with the customization necessary to suit each player’s unique tastes. Wii isn’t just about being casual-friendly, and Heroes 2 gets that. With more complex controls built in to the system, hardcore gamers will need more options and customization to make use of the technology, and Heroes 2 puts players in charge of how they want to experience first-person action on Wii. Of course, for those looking for a more casual experience, arcade mode is there, as is the “easy mode only” lock-on cursor control for quick targeting.
WiiGaming Nexus (Dec 14, 2007)
I hope the important people at EA realize how talented Fusion Team is, and give them some creative freedom. They have certainly demonstrated their ability to use the Wii in new ways. I can’t begin to imagine what they could do outside the bounds of the WW2 genre. With a blank check, a fresh canvas, and the freedom to develop any game they want, these guys could create the Wii’s Halo. Keep up the good work, Fusion Team. If you can get me excited about a WW2 shooter, then I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
WiiGameZone (Nov 30, 2007)
Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is a great first-person shooter game for the Nintendo Wii. The aiming is very precise, which makes this game even more fun to play. If you have a craving for this type of game, then this should be a no-brainer.
WiiLawrence (Nov 27, 2007)
There may be way, way too many games in this genre, but the fantastic nunchuk-and-remote controls really do make this worth checking out. If MOH Heroes 2 were released on the Xbox 360 or PS3, it wouldn’t be any different than the other entries in the crowded genre. It’s predictable, the missions aren’t anything special, and the multiplayer is fairly bare-boned, but the controls are excellent. If anything, it’s a great sign that third-parties may finally be figuring out how to use the Wii controls well in an FPS. Whether you’re using the Wii Zapper or the standard method, it’s hard to not notice how much better this works than the dual-analog setup.
WiiVideo Game Generation (Jan 17, 2008)
Depending on how you look at it, Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 could be nothing but a list of negatives. The graphics and audio, while comparable to other games on the Wii, can only barely hold a candle to some of what we’ve seen on other systems. Though the controls are great and the game has a variety of modes, the rest of the gameplay isn’t very refined and the single-player campaign is way too short. Though I could go on and on about the multiplayer for hours, the bottom line is, for as much as a novelty it is for Wii-owners, it is still lacking in the context of the industry as a whole. However, Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is an amazing feat – not because of anything it accomplishes technically, but because, despite its oh-so-many flaws, it still manages to come out a winner.
PSPPurojuegos (2007)
Para finalizar solo decir que me sorprendio gratamente encontrar un MOH hecho y derecho para ser jugado en portátil pensaba que no estaria a la altura, pero me equivoque, quien este buscando un FPS para PSP ya encontro al candidato ideal. Sin dudas, uno de los mejores sino el mejor en su mercado. Y si estan cansados de tanto MOH igualmenteno no dejen de darle una oportunidad, quizas se lleven una buena sorpresa.
WiiGameSpot (Nov 16, 2007)
Thanks to sharp controls, speedy gameplay, and an impressive online mode, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is a battle worth fighting. It really is a great game.
WiiCheat Code Central (Nov 27, 2007)
Despite the WWII shooter genre reaching its expiration date ages ago, Heroes offers a well-produced, refreshing experience. And while the dated visuals are as stale as ever, the implementation of the Wii controls drive the genre in an exciting direction. In fact, we enjoyed Heroes much more than the franchise's recent next-gen debut Airborne. If you can accept the console's limitations, and appreciate the novel control scheme, you'll have a Nazi-blastin' good time with Heroes epic campaign and replay-extending arcade and multiplayer offerings.
76 (Dec 13, 2007)
Wer mit seiner PSP angeben will, braucht dieses Spiel. Die bombastische Grafik und die noch realistischeren Soundeffekte versetzen euch direkt in den Zweiten Weltkrieg. Die flüssigen Online-Schlachten gegen bis zu 31 Gegner machen eine Menge Spaß, allerdings solltet ihr eine lange Eingewöhnungszeit für die Steuerung einplanen. Die ist nämlich weit von der intuitiven Handhabung der PSP-Socoms entfernt. Außerdem sind die Kampagnen-Levels viel zu linear und script-lastig geraten. Es wirkt einfach nicht authentisch, wenn ihr wie in der Geisterbahn einen engen, vorgefertigten Pfad entlang lauft und die Gegner wie aus dem Nichts auftauchen, nachdem ihr eine Sekunde zuvor eins der Missions-Ziele erfüllt habt. Wenn euch weder das altbackene Kampagnen-Design noch die gewöhnungbedürftige Steuerung stört, bekommt ihr aber einen guten Action-Titel.
WiiPurojuegos (2007)
Sea como sea el juego vale la pena gracias a su soberbia, original y bien implementada jugabilidad. Parece que Metroid Prime: Corruption al fin ha dado frutos y nos ha traido FPS solido e imposible de implementar en las consolas de la competencia. La contra la tenemos en los graficos desfasados y en la IA que no es del todo completa. Los fanaticos de la inmersion quedaran complacidos. El resto tendra un saber agridulce en la boca.
PSPSector (Mar 20, 2008)
Takže vo výsledku tu máme výrazne lepšiu verziu predchádzajúcej hry, ktorá sa zaslúži vašu pozornosť už aj vďaka lepšie spracovanej kampani a spolu s multiplayerom dokáže na dlhú dobu slušne zabaviť. Kvalitné technické spracovanie na slušnej úrovni taktiež poteší. Zamrzia len vyššie spomínané nedostatky a o chvíľu spomenuté občasné bugy. Sem-tam narazíte na nesmrteľnú AI, levitujúce nielen mŕtve telá, ale aj ešte žijúcich vojakov. Tí sú miestami aj trocha hluchí a slepí, ale vďaka kvalitnej hrateľnosti ich už nejako prehryznete.
PSPArmchair Empire, The (Mar 31, 2008)
Medal of Honor 2: Heroes doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. However, like any good sequel it keeps what worked in the original and improves on much of what was wrong. It’s still short and the artificial intelligence is just plain dumb at times but the game is well presented and will make you feel like you’re part of the action.
WiiGBase - The Gamer's Base (Mar 01, 2008)
Die meisten Leser werden es schon gemerkt haben: Ich neige ganz stark dazu, Vanguard zu favorisieren und würde es auch den meisten Leuten empfehlen, die einen guten Shooter auf der Wii suchen und - warum auch immer - keine Lust auf Metroid Prime 3 oder Resident Evil Wii haben. Letztendlich bietet Vanguard ein gutes Einzelspielererlebnis und einen brauchbaren Splitscreen-Mehrspielermodus, Heroes 2 hingegen kann nur den Schienen-Shooter-Part und den bisher einzigen Online-Modus bei einem Wii-Shooter verbuchen. Alles andere ist meiner Meinung nach schlechter als bei Vanguard, angefangen bei der Gegner-KI über viel zu schnell verschwindende Leichen bis hin zu der durch die schwache Grafik getrübte Atmosphäre.
WiiArmchair Empire, The (Dec 24, 2007)
Somebody at EA must have been listening to the critical drubbing that Medal of Honor: Vanguard received. Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is just as straightforward as Vanguard was -- there's nothing done here that we haven't seen in a World War II first-person shooter -- but the controls have been cleaned up considerably.
WiiUGO (UnderGroundOnline) (Dec 05, 2007)
Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is mostly successful, with only a its short length and near-broken online multiplayer gameplay marring what is otherwise yet another entertaining virtual suicide run through World War II. Under no circumstances should this game be purchased for its online play, but that shouldn't stop you from digging into either or both of the single player story modes and having a grand old time with them. Granted, it's tough to play the game without getting the impression at some point that the same mechanics could work just as well in a fresh, new setting. But Heroes 2 manages to prove that World War II is still solid - if not entirely fertile - ground for creating an entertaining gameplay experience.
WiiGame Shark (Jan 07, 2008)
Medal of Honor Heroes 2 won’t be winning any awards for mission originality, or AI for that matter, but the gameplay it serves is up is solid and fast paced with the best FPS controls on the WIi to date. The single player campaign will keep you occupied for eight hours or so, however once that last Nazi has fallen, the arcade mode and multiplayer will keep you playing for far longer. It’s certainly taken some time, but shooter fans should rejoice, for the console control scheme they’ve dreamed of is finally here,
WiiGame Over Online (Jan 30, 2008)
If controls weren’t such an issue for first-person shooters on the Wii, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 would be a very mediocre experience, but it remains a considerable issue and so the fact the game handles so well elevates it in spite of its shortcomings. I mildly recommend it to fans of the genre but I highly recommend it to any developers out there working on, or even thinking of working on a first-person shooter for the Wii. Learn from it, heck, copy the control system if you must, and let’s start to create some truly fun and unique first-person shooters for the console, yes?
WiiConsole Monster (Mar 06, 2008)
Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is far from perfection and is riddled with inadequacies mainly due in part to the drab environments, but as far as first person shooters go, this is actually an eye opening experience. If you want to try an alternative to the usual first person shooter affair you often see (and there are many of them), how about this title on the Nintendo Wii. You won’t regret the experience too much and you may even learn to love the control scheme as well.
70 Gaming Portal (Jan 01, 2008)
Sve u svemu, MOH:H2 je solidna akcijska igra koja je trebala i morala biti bolja, a ako idući nastavak dođe, možemo se samo nadati da će igru odvesti na višu razinu i posvetiti pažnju svim elementima igre, ne samo multiplayeru. Ako imate doma bežični router i spajate se na net preko PSP-a, a još k tome volite FPS-ove, ovu igru morate nabaviti, i zabavit ćete se. No, ako nemate pristup internetu i ne volite FPS-ove, ovu igru zaobilazite u širokom luku.
PSPGameSpy (Nov 14, 2007)
Though it's hardly sufficient to make you forsake home console warfare for handheld ops, and the dollars-per-hour ratio would give any gamer pause, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 boasts enough polish and design acumen to be worth an expensive few days on the front lines for those who simply want another WW2 shooter experience.
WiiNintendo Life (Jan 06, 2008)
Heroes 2, as a light-gun game, is relatively weak. The vastly superior FPS mode has great controls with added intriguing gesture commands for special weapons. Everything else is pretty straight forward and average for the genre, 8 solid missions will keep you busy for a few sessions but after that your left with only an average online section. Fans of the series will no doubt enjoy it more than others, if your looking for a bigger and more immersive experience get your hands on Metroid.
WiiDeaf Gamers (Mar 28, 2008)
There can be little doubt that Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is the best Medal of Honor game to appear on the Wii. There's still plenty of room for improvement however and whilst Heroes 2 is on the whole a good game, it's certainly not one of the better Medal of Honor games that we've played. The developers have definitely found a control system that works well and I can't imagine future Wii Medal of Honor games doing any major changes to the control system. The Arcade and Multiplayer modes are welcome additions but they don't really hide the fact that the single-player Campaign is far too short. It may not be the FPS classic that many Wii fans would have hoped for but I think in the years to come many will look back at Heroes 2 and comment that it was the first FPS on the console to actually have a control system that worked well. Let's just hope that the next Medal of Honor game on the Wii is subtitled.
70 (Feb 05, 2008)
Difficile de donner une note à un titre aussi fondamentalement déséquilibré. Proposant une campagne solo sans âme qui se vautre joyeusement dans la fange en associant répétitions, lieux communs et ennemis sans cervelle, le soft compense par un multijoueur de qualité, capable d'accueillir 32 joueurs en ligne dans un délicieux tourbillon de violence. Medal Of Honor : Heroes 2 nous prouve également que les FPS peuvent finalement se révéler jouables, et même confortables sur Wii. Malgré quelques petits soucis de prise en main lors de certaines séquences, le titre d'Electronic Arts parvient même à se montrer plus précis et plus nerveux que beaucoup de shooters consoles. Peut-être ouvrira-t-il la voie à de nouvelles productions, plus équilibrées et plus fines. Reste un titre divertissant, à n'acheter que pour ses parties multijoueurs, rapides et intenses.
WiiGamePro (US) (Feb, 2008)
Wii owners who are desperate for a post Metroid 3 FPS experience should definitely check Heroes 2 out , but if you have access to other consoles, you're probably better off playing something else instead. Like, say, Call of Duty 4?
WiiGameSpy (Nov 21, 2007)
Though support for the Wii's new Zapper can't quite make up for the fact that the on-screen reticule is never quite where you want it to be, and the dollars-per-hour ratio would give any gamer pause, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 boasts enough polish and design acumen to be worth an expensive few days on the front lines.
69 (Mar 12, 2008)
Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is not a bad game in the way that Midway's Hour of Victory is a bad game, but it is most definitely bland, dull, uninteresting, and yet further proof (if any was needed) that EA is still reticent to relinquish its grip on the profit-turning safety of established franchise titles in order to expand upon those mainstay releases with a much-needed infusion of invention and ambition. In 2007, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Halo 3, The Darkness and BioShock all applied that ethos and revealed that the FPS genre is far from dead. EA take note.
WiiGame Informer Magazine (Jan, 2008)
The gameplay is your cookie cutter WWII remix: wander serpentine dockyards and cities and clear bunches of Nazis on the way to your mission objective. But at least the game supports multiplayer; though the offerings hardly compete with the big boys, Wii owners finally get a taste of just how addictive these matches can be.
PSPWorth Playing (Jan 05, 2008)
Playing an FPS on the PSP for the first time was a mix of fun action and occasional frustration, not only because of the controls, but because Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 offers a remarkably basic experience that hearkens back to the early days of shooters. In some ways, it can still be a fun concept to wrap your trigger finger around when you don't want to concern yourself with squad controls or complicated rescue attempts. Medal of Honor vets who have followed the series, along with experienced FPS fans, will find the off- and online action to be simply more of the same, only in a smaller package and with a few more limitations. Heroes 2 is a relatively decent shooter for the PSP; it manages to deliver on the action and presentation, but it won't rewrite history.
65 (Dec 04, 2007)
La suite du déjà très intéressant Medal of Honor : Heroes n’apporte que peu de variations à un titre ayant fait office d’éclaireur sur la PSP. On peut soulever les graphismes affinés et une bande-son particulièrement immersive, malgré une jouabilité délicate à apprivoiser. Reste que la campagne solo est scandaleusement trop courte, même si le mode multi compense en partie ce défaut majeur. Encore un peu de travail et Medal of Honor pourrait constituer une véritable référence de FPS sur console portable.
65 (Apr 24, 2008)
Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 on kunnianhimottomin, kylmin ja sisällöltään tyhjin pelaamani räiskintäpeli pitkään aikaan. Sen työstämiseen ei ole selvästikään uhrattu suurta budjettia, saati sitten pelintekijöiden intohimoa, vaan markkinoille on haluttu tuupata tasaisen paksua, moneen kertaan nähtyä peruskamaa. Peli erottuu ainoastaan erikoisen kontrollimetodinsa ansiosta, eikä sitäkään ole toteutettu lähimainkaan täydellisesti, mikä vaikeuttaa entisestään pelin suosittelemista kenellekään. Näin tylsästi toteutetusta perusräiskinnästä on hyvin vaikea innostua, ellei toisen maailmansodan räiskintäpelit ole syystä tai toisesta jääneet pelaamatta. Tässä tapauksessa tahtoisin ojentaa kyseisille henkilöille järeitä työkaluja, jotta sieltä pimeästä tynnyristä pääsisi ulkomaailmaa lähemmin tarkastelemaan.
65 (Nov 30, 2007)
Ce nouvel épisode se montre très proche de son prédécesseur, et peut-être même trop. Cela dit, on peut tout de même se demander où sont passés certains modes de jeu pourtant présents dans l'épisode précédent. Mais malgré ce sévère manque de nouveautés et ces omissions inexplicables, Medal Of Honor Heroes 2 reste un FPS honnête, servi par une bonne prise en main et une réalisation de qualité. Il vaut avant tout pour son mode multijoueur solide et très fréquenté. Un achat à considérer, à moins bien que sûr que vous ne disposiez déjà du premier épisode.
PSPPlayFrance (Dec 07, 2007)
Bref, que penser de ce Medal of Honor Heroes 2 ? Qu'il s'agit d'un bon petit jeu d'action sur PlayStation Portable, d'un bon petit FPS jouable et correctement réalisé mais qui ressemble beaucoup trop au premier épisode pour s'avérer indispensable voire même pour susciter l'enthousiasme. Si le mode solo est légèrement plus abouti que l'année précédente, il n'en demeure pas moins trop superficiel pour captiver pendant longtemps. Restent les modes multijoueurs, classiques de chez classique, qui prolongeront l'aventure des possesseurs de Wifi. A 50 euros le jeu, autant rester sur le premier volet.
PSPSoftpedia (Nov 29, 2007)
I expected more from the sequel of Medal of Honor Heroes, a decent game in its days, but this PSP title isn't exactly what I was hoping for. It's got glitchy visuals, a sound that makes you want to mute the console and an AI that's at least laughable. However, you'll forget these setbacks when you'll start shooting your heart out with your friends in a multiplayer session. Seems that sometimes the fun factor prevails and important features like graphics and sound don't matter when we're about to purchase a game.
PSPVideo Game Talk (Feb 17, 2008)
Unfortunately, this overpriced WWII shooter is a bit of a mess and shouldn't garner the attention of any PSP owner until it hits the discount rack. The cramped controls, three hour campaign and an aged online component detract from an otherwise polished experience. As for the overused WWII angle, Electronic Arts needs to move the Medal of Honor series into a new era or just stop the franchise altogether. It's a complete step back from Medal of Honor: Airborne, which incorporated a modicum of new ideas. Leave this title to collect dust on the store shelves as it doesn't bring anything new to the table, but Medal of Honor fanatics may want to consider a rental.
60 (Feb 21, 2008)
Although the controls in this Wii version of Medal of Honor Heroes 2 are superior to those in the PSP version (if you can get the hang of them), I found myself having more fun with the handheld game. The small levels certainly felt more at home there and the visuals impressed compared to what else the PSP had to offer. On Wii expectations are quite rightly a fair bit higher, and while Heroes 2 isn't a bad game it fails to be the great FPS we wanted it to be.
WiiWorth Playing (Dec 24, 2007)
The Medal of Honor series is in an unfortunate position. Today, it constantly lives in the shadow of the Call of Duty series, and it's clearly falling behind. In a telling way, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 characterizes the franchise's current plight. Just as Medal of Honor: Airborne, developed for the two competing HD consoles, tried to innovate with its parachuting gameplay concept, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 tries to innovate with its motion controls. Yet like its Airborne big brother, Heroes 2 falls short in gameplay fundamentals. If Electronic Arts would just step back the next time around and retool the basics of their level design, and enemy and allied AI, they may have a real winner on their hands. As is, though, the game is merely another "me, too" WWII shooter.
Wii1UP (Jan 09, 2008)
When EA announced Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, we were skeptical about yet another foray into such territory, but hopeful that great design could overcome any shortfalls in the controls -- sadly, this is not the case. While Heroes 2 does feature some of the strongest motion controls yet (though they still lack the precision of analog) and includes a great light-gun game, it has so many issues with A.I. and multiplayer that, as an FPS, it still ends up proving more frustrating than fun.
50 (UK) (Feb 06, 2008)
If it were not for the mildly diverting antics possible in Arcade mode (and, at a push, online play), Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 would end up yet another half-hearted attempt to cash in on the Wii's success. Next to ageing titles like Frontlines and European Assault, it feels soulless, hastily cobbled together and depressingly formulaic. In its favour, the controls are very solid, and the game has enough polish to drag it into the realms of mindless playability, but that's not nearly enough to mask the insipid level design, sloppy AI and all-round feeling of contractual apathy surrounding this thoroughly mediocre effort.
WiiGame Revolution (Dec 12, 2007)
There’s something comforting in the familiarity of this game’s clichés. Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is an FPS aimed at the lowest common denominator of players. It’s as though this game was precisely calculated to meet the exact average of gameplay. It assumes that the player has problems aiming accurately and using standard FPS controls, and has no patience for very deep gameplay. The game does a reasonably good job of meeting each of these needs. Taken together, these gameplay concessions make for a moderately fun, easy, short, and shallow experience. Nicht schlecht.
45 (Feb 08, 2008)
En définitive, la série à succès d’Electronic Arts nous démontre une fois de plus qu’il est plus qu’impératif qu’elle renouvelle son système de jeu au risque de copier d’autres licences telles que Call of Duty. Avec une version sans bugs et plus agréable à la rétine, Heroes 2 sur Wii aurait pu briguer une meilleure appréciation, mais en l’état des choses, on ne peut qu’encourager ses développeurs à revoir sérieusement leurs copies avant leur prochain opus. Ce n’est pas parce que l’on s’appelle Medal of Honor que l’on peut tout se permettre.
PSPGamestyle (Mar 16, 2008)
It’s not all bad and reading back over this we may have been overly mean. Visually it’s quite beautiful and the mission narrator is suitably voice acted, it is certainly a technical achievement for the PSP. We suppose if you’re really into your WW2 shooters and unlike everyone else in the world has yet to tire of the setting then it’s possible that you’ll get some joy out of it. Everyone else need not apply.
PSPGamers Globe (Feb 08, 2008)
Den spontane WOW-effekt der sparker ind ved spillets begyndelse, fordamper stille og roligt i takt med at spillets handlingsforløb udspiller sig. Irriterende store afstande mellem checkpoints, en utydelig energibeholdning og en meget ubalanceret reaktion på skade hæmmer det ellers til at starte med ret lovende actionelement. Dertil kommer det triste og meget ensformige banedesign, samt en meget kedelig farvepalette og giver de sidste rester af motivation hos spilleren nådestødet. Kampagnen der ellers er forholdsvist lang, ender som en trist og trættende affære, og selvom spillet også indeholder en ret stor onlinedel, falmer Medal Of Honor: Heroes 2 i sammenligning med konkurrenterne, både hvad angår format, genre og indhold.