Medal of Honor: Underground Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Menu screen.
Mission briefings are given over a series of still photos.
Starting the first mission.
Shooting a Nazi
Lobbing petrol bombs
That blue blob is an enemy.
The first mission is to rescue your brother here.
Then, escort him through Nazi territory.
We will fight them in our storefronts!
Taking a hit
Mission evaluation
Using a machine gun on the second level
An indoor area
That red bit is the dynamite I just planted.
The X means an objective.
I just shot that guy in gray.
Deathmatch play
Using a machine gun in deathmatch

PlayStation version

Main Title
Movie clips taken from WWII will help you with your missions and show you some actual happenings at the time of WWII.
Main Menu
Multiplay game selection.
Games uses one memory block only. There's also a nice thing that each save-game shows you in percentages how much of a game did you pass.
Overall evaluation may consist of some bigger numbers if you've completeld many missions.
Missions you've passed, you can repeat if you want to achieve better score, but unless you finished a certain mission at least once, those after it will stay out of your sight.
Every mission has levels, and every level has a little more detailed mission briefing.
Pre-loading screen for every mission.
While ingame, you may always check your objectives and see which ones are left to complete yet.
Down in the catacombs all is crowded with nazis and gestapo agents.
This one didn't guard those boxes as well as he should've.
The entire African Korpse is no match for one enraged women when I hold the controls... ahem, never mind ;-)
For silent approaches, you can always use silencer... if it's at your disposal, though.
One grenade won't stop the tank, but nine will suffice even if I miss it couple of times.
Sometimes you can even pass as a tourist or a local photographer... I say sometimes.
To be less suspicious, you can even take a photo of some nazi. They pose like Johnny Bravo, most of times.
Entering the ancient ruins on Crete. Yup, those urns are breakable ;)
Great thing about this game is that you keep getting more and more advanced weapons as you progress throughout the WWII timeline.
Sniper is long-ranged but usually you'll need two bullets for the target. Unless you aim good.
One of the level design models.
Animation study of an enemy soldier jumping over the wall.
Using sniper is not a wise choice in close quarters.
Mission briefing art.
After finishing a game, you can get a scope in lots of behind-the-scene contents, from art to 3d level models and character motions.
Yes, the Statue of Liberty and Cyrano de Bergerac are unlockable characters.
Nosferatu vs Napoleon in multiplayer
Quasimodo vs Marie Antoinette in multiplayer