Medal of Honor: Warfighter Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main menu.
Approaching the shore unnoticed.
Enemy combatant is unaware of your immediate presence.
Use silencer to avoid alerting other guards.
Planting a charge on a truck.
That detonation was much bigger than expected, what in the world was in that truck?
Don't let the enemy reach cover and regroup.
Shooting down enemy helicopter.
Through the eyes of the enemy.
At the enemy training camp.
US Rangers and Marines improvise with everything but old jokes.
Prepping to land on the enemy beach.
Pinned down by the enemy fire.
Special icon appears when you make a head shot.
You can unlock several ways of breaching.
When you breach a room, only head shots will count as points for unlocking new breaching techniques.
Locking on the target for the artillery.
Artillery helping the ground troops.
On a stakeout.
Chasing the mysterious shooter.
Don't mind the damage, just don't lose the target.
Camouflaged stealth.
Melee takedown.
Stealth over firefight.
Thunder in the night completely illuminates the area.
Some doors need to be breached.
Shotgun breach technique.
Clear out the enemy on the walls.
Meeting with the reinforcements.
Hold aim button to use scope on a rifle that has one.
Under heavy enemy fire from all sides... the screen is starting to turn red with your blood, take cover to heal.
Don't let your target escape, but watch out for ambushes along the way.
Helicopter raid.
The trucks are more dangerous, so make them your primary targets when they enter the scene.
Watch the road, watch the road!
Use hiding places to avoid being detected.
Background story of past events is shown between missions.
Still hazy and unarmed, and against an overwhelming odds.
There's nothing like a shotgun at close range.

Windows version

Game title and main menu
Starting out - a supposedly stealth mission at the port
When hell breaks loose
Fighting a chopper - right in the first level
One of game's heroes
Terrorist training facility fashioned after a very familiar airplane...
Assailing the shore
Many weapons have two scopes attached - for medium-, and long-range targets
I'm being shot at
Engaged in close quarters combat
Setting the airstrike marker
Airstrike destroys the building
Videogames are not reality: we are controlling a robot here.
It's flooding
This man looks like a real psycho
I'm manning a machine gun and I'm inside a chopper
Knee-deep in... brown water
Tomahawk (a door-opening tool) unlocked
Opening doors looks like this
Escaping both the storm and angry terrorists
More sniping
Sometimes you gotta run and follow the enemy and that strangely feels almost like racing
War is fun
Sometimes you can just stay away from the action and let your comrades do the job (play the game play itself?)
Night vision goggles on
Headshot with an AKM
Welcome onboard
Some events can turn a reasonable man into a killing machine (or a hero?)
Free fall
Gotta keep low now
Manning a turret
In a burning temple
Preacher on a spy mission
....which turns into a car chase! (Need of Honor? Medal for Speed?)
Another driving mission, now in Dubai
Playing hide-and-seek with the terrorists
A sandstorm in Dubai

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  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter Screenshot
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  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter Screenshot
  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter Screenshot
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