Medal of Honor Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main menu room
Mission introduction
Mission description
Regular shooting
Performance evaluation
Grenade launcher explosion
Gaining access to the train yard.
Setting up an explosive.
A night mission in a German forest.
The M1 Garand is one of the best weapons in the game.
Shooting a Gestapo officer.
Loading screen
A gasmasked Wehrmacht Soldat
Shooting a Soldat with a MP-40 sub machine gun.
One of the Norway levels
Killed a Wehrmacht Offizier.
You have to find the pilot of the crashed plane.
Sniper mode
Fun in the snow
A street battle in France
Achtung! A Panzer tank
The tommy gun has much more power than the MP-40.
Blowing up a German truck.
Shooting with the Maschinengewehr is much fun!

PSP version

Title screen
Main menu
Mission description
One of loading screens
The first German soldier we meet in the game
Mission objectives shown on pause screen
Some supplies
Grenade action
Firing a mounted gun
Enemy soldiers are rather smart and try to avoid your bullets
Trying to take out a soldier in the ruins
Your objectives are updated as you complete them
Warfare in city streets
I killed a nazi dog :(
After a mission you are treated with a short movie
Mission results
Unlockable "The making of Medal of Honor"
In disguise of a German officer
In the wine cellar or sewers?
I've got sniper rifle now
Multiplayer - choosing skin
Multiplayer - choosing weapons
Multiplayer action
Blowing up a train
No more conspiracy I guess
Ship's bridge
German submarine dock
We're on a submarine in the open sea. Way to go blowing yourself up.
Full moon and a Nazi in the trees
German plane
Bunker interior
Don't trust the scientist, he's hiding a gun in his pocket
Well, no Christmas for you guys
I've got a bazooka
Blew up a truck
Precious pixel-art collection
Some unlockable prototype shots
German V-2 rocket
I've only managed to get two medals
Winston Churchill multiplayer skin