Medal of Honor Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Splash screen with dynamic background image.
Start screen
Main menu.
Zoom-in on the first mission all the way from space.
Encountering a road block.
Russians... the ambush is already set in motion.
There's too much fire around for night vision to be of any use.
He seems to be shooting at pigeons... or maybe really believes we will turn back and run.
Time to get some wheels.
Follow your team leader to the next checkpoint.
Sneaking mission will be easier if you don't give away your position.
Time to assemble the base of operations.
An unexpected goat... or guest.
No civilian casualties.
Top brass doesn't seem to care much about his men.
Rangers are coming.
Not a good day to be a ranger.
Stay in cover to quickly regain lost health.
Both sun and sand plays in their favor while they're freely shooting at us from that cliff.
Air support is on its way.
Firing long distance missiles at enemy mortar teams.
Missile has hit the target... one mortar team down.
Dusty will be your spotter for the day.
Long-range sniping mission.
Toggle your goggle for clearer view of the enemy.
Commander is having a dilemma... follow the orders or save his men.
The chopper has crashed and we are pinned down by the enemy.
Damn, I am ripping to shreds every bit of tree and rock in the place but the enemy.
Wounded... sneaking up for a silent kill.
Enemy in sight... silencer on... hope I don't step on a branch somewhere.
Defending the position... but for how long before we're overrun.

Windows version

Title Screen with the face of the game: Delta Force Dusty
Menu Screen
The game begins with AFO Neptune heading to a rendezvous with an informant called Tariq
And, obviously, something goes wrong
The Rangers getting ready to deploy and take the valley
Doesn't seem to be much opposition
At least they are going to make it farther than the Russians
Cliché of the year award: general Fragg and colonel Drucke will argue about the mission for the whole game. Fragg wants results, Drucker doesn't want to risk his men. You perfectly know who wins
But they survive and before you can even blink they are already capturing an airfield
The delta forces usually work at night..., with sunglasses, YEAH!
And they use quad bikes to move through the uneven terrain
Another mission with your friend Dusty, this time he'll assist you in your sniping
There is a helicopter mission too. You control the shooting but not the flying
A typical Afghan mountain town
The mountains in this game can be breathtaking
You can do some nasty damage with the right weapon
Some covers can be broken
Headshots are marked with an icon
Red smoke is used to mark the positions for the air support when this are danger close (when soldiers are too close to an air strike target)
The textures don't quite load very fast
Always funny graphics bugs
If you are low on ammunition, you can ask your teammates for more