Mega Man 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Opening splash screen.
In the year 200X... Hey wait... it's 2010 now, I don't remember any of this happening..
Mega Man II title screen complete with "arcade style" touch screen controls.
The boss selection screen (in portrait mode).
Woodman's Stage (portrait mode)
Flip your Iphone or Ipod Touch on its side to play in "Landscape mode". Good for people with larger hands.
Flash Man's stage (in landscape mode)
Heat Man's Stage (landscape mode)
Metal Man's Stage (landscape mode)
Crash man's stage (landscape mode)

NES version

Title screen
Introductory cinematic
Japanese title screen
Choosing which boss to challenge
Metal Man's stage
Heat Man's stage
Bubble Man's stage
Air Man's stage
Quick Man's stage
Wood Man's stage
Crash Man's stage
Flash Man's stage