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It's a tossup between this and Rockman 4 as the best of the early Rockman games. PlayStation Satoshi Kunsai (2093)
Fun game, still the same old gameplay though. NES David Bryan (25)
No game design evolution, but solid title NES Jonathan Hollas (25)

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NESConsoles Plus (Jun, 1994)
De l'action à fond les manettes. Si vous aimez la série des Mega Man, celui-ci ne vous décevra pas.
NESRandom Access (2005)
Overall, even though the series' format is clearly seeing far too many repetitions of itself, this game still is a bit of a jump over Mega Man 4 in terms of general quality. Music and graphics have seen somewhat of an upgrade, although that's pretty much where the line can be drawn. If you've been a fan of the first four games, Mega Man 5 will not disappoint you.
85 (Aug 10, 2011)
Le savoir faire de Capcom montre qu'il est toujours possible de surprendre même au bout du cinquième épisode. Avec des graphismes toujours plus poussés, une maniabilité toujours aussi bien ficelée, une bande-son désormais mythique et une durée de vie mieux dosée, Mega Man 5 est sans aucun doute un très bon jeu. Sans toutefois égaler le cultissime Mega Man 2, il reste un titre à déguster pleinement. Après tout, c'est dans les veilles consoles que l'on fait les meilleurs jeux.
NESThe Video Game Critic (Mar 07, 2013)
Mega Man 5 features some really cool weapons like one that generates a wave of water and another that reverses gravity so enemies fall off the screen. The game is tricky but the driving 8-bit tunes will keep you forging ahead. A well-rounded platform-shooter, Mega Man 5 is pretty much everything a fan could ask for.
The game is markedly easier and less frustrating than the first four titles in the series, making it ideal for those new to the technically great franchise.
Nintendo 3DSWiiDSFrance (Sep 01, 2014)
Au final, Mega Man 5 fait partie des meilleurs épisodes de la série grâce à une certaine accessibilité et un level-design intéressant. Certes les Robot Masters sont de plus en plus idiots au niveau du design, mais on ne peut nier qu'ils ont du charme, à l’exception de Charge Man. De plus, la version 3DS/Wii U permettra à tout le monde de le finir, si tant est que ces personnes soient prêtes à faire une save state après chaque obstacle...
WiiMag'64 (May 13, 2012)
"Alles wie gehabt", könnte man im Grunde als Untertitel zu diesem Test hinzufügen, denn "Mega Man 5" bietet wieder klassisches "Jump and Shoot"-Gameplay, welches man bereits in sehr ähnlicher Form aus den anderen 8-Bit-Vorgängern kennt. Die inhaltlichen "Innovationen", sofern man davon sprechen kann, sind lediglich marginal. Der Spielspaß ist und bleibt trotzdem enorm, wenngleich mittlerweile leichte Abnutzungserscheinungen beim Zocken erkennbar sind und der "humanere" Schwierigkeitsgrad sicherlich nicht bei allen Serien-Fans auf Gegenliebe stoßen wird. Dennoch: Ein intensiver Blick auf diesen durch und durch charmanten Retro-Titel lohnt sich allemal!
WiiNintendo Life (Jun 24, 2011)
Mega Man 2 is widely regarded as the best Mega Man title to come out of the NES-era, but it's difficult to not appreciate just how amazing this fifth instalment truly is. The level themes are among some of the best the series has to offer and while some of the robot bosses are a bit cheesy, they're also extremely unique as well. It goes without saying that if you're even the slightest bit a Mega Man fan, this is a game you absolutely must not miss.
NESneXGam (2002)
‘’Never Change a Winningteam’’ heißt die alljährliche Parole von Capcom und der bleiben sie auch im fünften Ableger ihrer Sache treu. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad, der bekannte Dudelsound und der unverkennbare und motivierende Rätsel der Marke ’’Welcher Endgegner ist verwundbar gegen welche Waffe?’’ gehören schon zur Tradition des kleinen blauen Roboter und vermögen immer noch für einige Zeit zu begeistern. Leider sind die Innovationen von Capcoms Jump’n´Run Orgie aber sehr dünn gesät und so lässt sich trotz zweier neuer Gimmicks (Arrow und Beat) nur schwerlich darüber hinwegsehen, dass das Thema so langsam ausgenudelt ist. Unterm Strich bleibt also ein bekanntes und gutes Konzept, was aber sehr laut danach schreit endlich mal umgekrempelt zu werden.
All new bosses with all new weapons await, and I can't wait to stop reviewing it so I can play!
NESGame Freaks 365 (2006)
This game isn’t particularly long at sixteen levels, and there are password saves until you get to the point where you’re going after Protoman, but the game is still fun and is well worth replaying. I would, however, caution anybody considering buying this game that it is rare and thus would be slightly expensive. I would recommend buying Mega Man Anniversary Collection for GCN or PS2 and playing the entire series if this game sounds interesting to you.
Måske var det på tide at ændre lidt på udfomingen, så der var et par reele nyskabelser i spillene.
50 (Sep, 2012)
Mega Man V is the first entry in the Original Six that feels completely phoned-in. It’s impossible to think that Capcom forgot how to develop Mega Man games properly, given the series’ unprecedented amount of quickly generated sequels, but how else does one explain this mess of an entry? Mega Man V may look, sound, and play like Mega Man, but it doesn’t feel like Mega Man. The first three entries were created with passion, and without that, the character may as well be in a cryogenic chamber waiting until an adventure worthy of his name comes along to rouse him. Let’s hope his NES swansong will do the trick.
48 (Mar, 2009)
Either I got extremely good at playing Mega Man games after ten hours, or Mega Man 5 is distinctly shorter and easier than Mega Man 4. Um...yeah. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? I leave the choice up to you, because quite honestly, I forget.
WiiDefunct Games (Jul 05, 2011)
Released a year after the Super NES, Mega Man 5 is the perfect example of Capcom phoning it in. The Blue Bomber is back for yet another formulaic platforming adventure. Instead of jumping to the 16-bit SNES, Capcom decided to stick with the woefully outdated Nintendo Entertainment System. The result is a predictable grind of questionable bosses, cheap level designs and a whole lot of annoying technical problems.