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Mega Man 6

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Weakest title in the NES Mega Man line up NES Jonathan Hollas (25)
Not a bad game, but not a great game either. NES David Bryan (25)

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NES 21 3.8
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PlayStation 3 2.5
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Combined MobyScore 24 3.7

The Press Says

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As a stand-alone, this is a really sweet title. Don't listen to the BS this game gets. Like Castlevania II, it's very undeserved. I'd pick this one up. For the gamers, it's a really fun title. For the collectors, it's a great late-release that is continually appreciating in value. I bought this 3 or 4 years ago, in great shape, CIB, for $14. I've played it through several times and I've seen comparable copies sell for $60. I've gotten a lot of gaming and collectible wonderfulness from it.
NESGamePro (US)
These games are as predictable as the tide - they just wash right in with the same action over and over again. Mega Man 6 is a rock of reliable NES fun.
NESGame Players
Dr. Wily's about to unleash a new crew of robot villains on a peaceful world, and only you-know-who can stop him. You've seen the framework before, but this is still the one.
NESThe Video Game Critic
Mega Man 6 marks the end of the Mega Man's reign on the NES, and it's a fitting send-off for an amazing series.
Eigentlich ein bisschen schade, dass der letzte Mega Man-Teil für das NES durch den Siegeszug des Super Nintendos überschattet wurde, denn die wenigen guten Ideen der Designer gaben dem Gameplay immerhin ein paar nette Impulse. Abseits der zwei unterschiedlichen Rüstungen und der anderen Storyline steht Mega Man 6 leider im Schatten seiner Vorgänger erbt dessen Kinderkrankheiten. Für Fans dennoch ein Muss!
NESRandom Access
The NES was on its way to that console graveyard in the sky around this point -- fewer games were being developed for it, and the last licensed game was released in 1994 -- so this was likely a rushed effort to get the game out to the public. While Mega Man 6 can hardly be classified as a terrible failure (at least from a design standpoint), the sheer wholeheartedness that had infiltrated earlier titles has drained away into the gutter of gaming creativity. It's certainly a good game for those who really enjoyed the first five and clamor for more, but if you seek something unique, drop this title and run. As always, I should mention that the easiest way to get to play this is via the Mega Man Anniversary Collection, but hey, it's your money.
NESGame Freaks 365
Just like Mega Man 5, Mega Man 6 boasts a password save system throughout the first eight levels. Thus, since Mega Man 6 is also a game with only sixteen levels, it is the type of game that people can come back to again and again as I have. I would, however, caution anybody considering buying this game that it is rare and thus would be slightly expensive. I would recommend buying Mega Man Anniversary Collection for GCN or PS2 and playing the entire series if this game sounds interesting to you.
It’s a brisk game with little to scream about or recommend. It’s not worth buying a $30 cartridge for, but it’s a great game for something like The Mega Man Anniversary Collection, where you're paying about $3.57 for it. C'mon, you can't even get a donut in this country for that price anymore.
NESElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
It was really hard to tell which Mega Man this was. It was pretty much the same as ll the others, except that this one was harder and the power-ups less plentiful. The 8-Bit graphics are finally wearing thin. The game plays alright and there are lots of hidden places to find. The audio isn't as good as the previous NES carts. This is challenging, but after trying 16-Bit, it's really hard to go back to the good ole' NES.