Mega Man 9 Screenshots

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Xbox 360 version

What a surprise that Dr. Wily has a Swiss Bank account.
He's back! And as fit as ever.
Eight new mugshots for you to tackle - and a woman! Oo-er, progress.
Before entering each level, you see the boss you will face.
Shoot these robots in their balloon, and they will wildly deflate across the screen.
Mega Man can get stuck on these magnetic rotating platforms.
The Weapon Select screen allows you to choose from any weapons you've acquired.
Jewel Man's stage is full of minecart robots.
Mega Man must run back and forth on these platform to make them swing.
This boss rains boulders from above as it burrows through.
These small enemies speed up when Mega Man stands on the same platform.
You must jump the ball and shoot the elephant before you get sucked in.
These cannons pack a powerful punch.
You can purchase items from the shop with the bolts you've collected.
Yes, all these spikes will instantly kill you.
Dodge the rotating flowers while trying to kill the disappearing enemy!
These bricks can only be broken by the bombs that the robot spits out.
These red robots will slowly home in on you.
Ah, the good old disappearing block puzzles.
When you walk through the static, a shadow Mega Man will chase you, copying your every move.
Get hit by these octopus robots, and you'll be stained black!
Watch out for the spikes as you fall!
The large robots support your weight, the small ones pop shortly after you land on them.
When these platforms run out of water, they disappear.
The fire breathing robots can only be destroyed from behind.
You must hurry past the lava streams.
This dragon spits fireballs at Mega Man!
These UFOs normally attack in groups.
Jump in the teleporters to fling yourself back to the ladder.
This nasty robot grabs and pulls you along the ground very quickly!