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Game Boy AdvanceGame Shark (Apr 01, 2004)
But luck or strategy, this is one of those rare games where you'll hear yourself saying, "Wait a minute! I can do that better next time." or "I know what I did wrong. If I just move that chip here and that one there…" or "Dear, I'll come to bed just as soon as I beat this round of matches." It is minutes to learn and very difficult to put down. Any Mega Man or strategy-minded GBA fan will not regret picking it up.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpot (Mar 02, 2004)
Capcom's Mega Man franchise has been a gaming staple ever since the little guy first started battling evil on the NES in the late '80s. The series has remained one of the few classic franchises that has managed to hang tough through the various successive iterations of home consoles. While every entry in the series hasn't been a classic, Capcom has managed to keep the series going, and it has experimented with the Mega Man formula. One of the most successful new spins has been the latest run of games on the Game Boy Advance. The Mega Man Battle Network games have put an engaging twist on the Mega Man legend, and they've even managed to introduce some fresh new gameplay elements as well. The latest installment in Mega Man's continuing GBA adventures, Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, takes place in the same universe as the Battle Network series, but it also offers up a new card battling style of gameplay that's unique, addictive, and fun.
Game Boy AdvanceNintendojo (Apr, 2004)
Battle Chip Challenge is a very good game for what it is, and something that anyone of the card-battling genre should be able to appreciate. If you've never played a game like this before I suggest you give it a rental first, since these games are not for everyone. Battle Chip Challenge is a good start though, and can ease new players into the genre, while providing plenty of depth for those already familiar with it.
Game Boy AdvanceN-Zone (Apr 28, 2004)
In Battle Chip Challenge werden Megamans rundenbasierte Kämpfe mit Programm Decks ausgetragen, die ihr zuvor mit diversen Computer-Chips ausgestattet habt. Neben Schwertern, Shotguns und Heilkräften gibt es spezielle Verteidungschips, die Megaman vor Angriffen schützen. Die Chips werden dabei zufällig aus Eurem Deck ausgewählt, jedoch habt ihr die Möglichkeit die Reihenfolge festzulegen, was einigen Spielraum für Taktiker läßt. Das RPG-ähnliche Abenteuer spielt sich nach kurzer Zeit erstaunlich gut und kann dank der unzähligen Kombinationsmöglichkeiten der Chips auch langfristig motivieren.
Game Boy AdvanceGameZone (Mar 14, 2004)
Overall, Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge is certainly a strange take on the Mega Man franchise and I’m still not 100% sure how I feel about the whole thing. It’s simple and oftentimes fun, but it’s also largely non-interactive and somewhat repetitive. Fans of card games like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! will probably feel right at home. The game also features a nifty link-up mode where you can pit your Navi against a buddy’s, so if you have a friend with the game there is some potential fun to be had there. But when it comes down to it I just can’t help feeling somewhat indifferent about a Mega Man game that doesn’t involve running and jumping.
Game Boy AdvanceGamePro (US) (Mar 17, 2004)
No one can stop the deluge of Mega Man sequels. Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge is the latest incarnation of the Mega Man Battle Network series, only this time it?s basically a turn-based simulation/strategy/collectible card game ? la Yu-Gi-Oh.
Game Boy (Mar 19, 2004)
Difficile d'être vraiment emballé par ce titre compte tenu du manque de liberté qu'il propose durant les duels. Tout repose sur la phase de stratégie où l'on met en place son plan d'action, et la progression se révèle vite ennuyeuse. Le concept est intéressant mais ne vaut pas celui de la série Battle Network.
Game Boy AdvanceGaming Target (Apr 05, 2004)
Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge is indeed an interesting step in the series, but it is by no means a welcome one. The lack of playability in the game and the randomness factor beyond the player’s control make this one a daunting task by any means and, quite simply, it makes the game feel like a chore dictated by the hand of fate. If you’re a Network Transmission fan, pass this one by or, on the other hand, pick up Network Transmission instead if you’re looking for an RPG based on the all too present blue bomber.
Game Boy (GAF) (Mar 26, 2004)
Whether or not it's because I'm a series fan (and Mega Man fan in general), I can honestly say I enjoyed Battle Chip Challenge a good bit, but not enough to play through it with more than one character, at least not for now. Perhaps if there were more story value to the game I'd be more inspired to play through it with other characters, but this one truly is for the gameplay whores out there. You already know whether or not you fall into the category of fans/gamers that will enjoy this title, so my job here is done. That's it. I am NOT writing any more. I... must... stop.
Game Boy AdvanceGame Informer Magazine (Mar, 2004)
The mild strategy elements and simple gameplay involved could appeal to younger players, but not to anyone who actually enjoys controlling events onscreen.
Game Boy Advance1UP (May 09, 2004)
Rating games like Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge is a real pain. The niche-iest of niche titles, MMBCC was designed to appeal to a very specific subset of gamers, and that tiny group will devour it like manna from heaven. But everyone else will simply scratch their heads in annoyance -- or tear their hair in frustration -- and wonder why anyone would want to waste their time with something so pointless. Should the game's score reflect its effectiveness in reaching out to its target audience? Or should the score serve as a warning to everyone else that they'd probably have more fun being rolled in poisonous carpet tacks?
Game Boy AdvanceNintendoWorldReport (Mar 07, 2004)
Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge is a dull title with next to no actual gameplay to be found. Perhaps there is a small crowd of people who are really really into customizable card games that might find the deck building aspect interesting, but hardcore card game players are going to find it too easy to be entertaining. Most people are going to fall asleep playing this game.
Game Boy AdvancePlanet GameCube (Mar 07, 2004)
In Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, Lan and his digital pal Mega Man have taken a break from fighting villains on the Internet and have instead opted to enter a special tournament, the Battle Chip GP. To the victor of this battle royale goes an extremely rare battle chip.
Game Boy AdvanceGamesFirst! (May 01, 2004)
Overall, Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge is a title that is going to be hard for most gamers to like, but it relies so heavily on luck that some people may enjoy it just for the gambling aspect of it. Every battle is literally like buying a scratch off lottery ticket. The severe lack of control over battles and the fact that the computer controls pretty much everything means you spend a lot of time watching instead of playing which is never good. If you are a big fan of the Battle Network games you might enjoy Battle Chip Challenge just because of the familiar characters and locations, but collectible card game fans and everyone else other than gambling addicts probably won’t think too much of it. Try it before you buy it, but I find it pretty hard to recommend Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge to anyone but the most masochistic.
Game Boy AdvanceIGN (Mar 02, 2004)
The successful and fun Mega Man Battle Network RPG series strayed heavily from the original Mega Man formula when it was first launched on the Game Boy Advance back in 2001. If you thought that game series departed from the action-platform genre, wait until you get a load of the latest Mega Man game. Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge is obviously Capcom's attempt to capitalize on the increasing popularity of the card battle games like Yu-Gi-Oh!, but despite trying to create an original design for the genre, the game is a dreadfully dull creation, and is barely even interactive in a videogame sense. The only thing it's got going for it is originality, and even that's a stretch; Battle Chip Challenge is quite possibly the worst game to bear the Mega Man name.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpy (Mar 07, 2004)
SIM card, I choose you! While there are certainly worse series spin-off games out there, few are as surprisingly esoteric as this one: it's a rare that a game like this is design-heavy and lacking on presentation and player feedback. As ridiculous as it sounds, with a little more money and thought put into how the player might react to not actually playing the game, this could've been something worthwhile. All interesting design potential aside, this is just a game made to cash-in on the series' popularity, and should be ignored accordingly.
Game Boy AdvanceDeeko (Mar, 2004)
don't know how they got away with creating this game. In fact, I have a hard time considering this a game. You'll certainly need to pay attention to which chips are in your deck, since you can't win a battle with a deck of really low quality chips, but other than that, the game plays ITSELF. The Mega Man Battle Network RPGs may have been a departure from the series, but they actually do some justice to the actual Mega Man name and are quite entertaining in their own right. This game however, is nothing more than a shameless cash-in on the Battle Network franchise and a failed attempt to create a collectible card style game using the Mega Man Battle Network universe. Take everything that is fun about the series, surgically remove it and implement an experience that requires about as much interaction as staring at a wall and you've effectively discovered the pure excitement that is Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge. What is the challenge? Staying awake, most likely.
Game Boy AdvanceGaming Age (Mar 08, 2004)
Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge is a title that pretty much plays itself. The game�s simplistic spectator battle system doesn�t warrant a separate game and most players won�t want to log in.
Game Boy AdvanceGamestyle (Feb 24, 2007)
Gamestyle does wonder whether anyone could actually be bothered achieving this. In short, Mega Man: Battle Chip Challenge is without doubt the worst Mega Man game ever created. It lacks fun, lacks skill and it lacks substance, and will have you hooked for all of 10 minutes. That is, before you've realised how awful it is and decided to do something more constructive - like washing your hair.
Game Boy AdvanceNetjak (Mar 31, 2004)
guess I just have to say it like this – Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge is easily one of the worst games I’ve ever played. Maybe, stripped down, it could have been an interesting diversion as a mini-game for Mega Man Battle Network 4. But it would require such surgery to make this workable as to render it impossible to recognize. There is so much I could say about this game that decorum prohibits that it’s almost frightening. Sam Kinnison and George Carlin, if they asked me about this game, would be shocked by how much cursing would be involved in my description. My wife asked me to describe this as the best movie to ever appear on the Game Boy Advance, and I would if not for the fact that this cartridge is even miserable at that. I’m just going to finish this review by publicly pleading to Capcom: Please, I beg you, stop forcing your fans to suffer like this.