Mega Man Legends

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Nintendo 64


Yet another case of cultural deprivation by Capcom: the wonderful Japanese opening theme, "Another Sun", and the Japanese ending theme, "Your Wind is Blowing" (and NOT that wind, you sickos!), were both completely yanked out of the U.S. and European versions of Mega Man Legends. This is a crying shame, because out of all the Rockman themes, Rockman Dash/Mega Man Legends had the best opening and ending themes, next to Rockman 8's.

Contributed by Satoshi Kunsai (1810) on May 31, 2002. -- edit trivia

The PC version of Mega Man Legends uses the exact same format for its save games as the PlayStation version. So if you have a Dex Drive and a PSX memory card with MML saves, you can extract them from the card and use them in the game! You'll need a hex editor to extract the individual saves, though.

Contributed by Satoshi Kunsai (1810) on May 29, 2002. -- edit trivia