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Back of Box – Game Boy (US):


    From the cosmic reaches of outer space, comes mankind's greatest threat. Hordes of alien robots have swarmed down from the heavens and all the Earth's weapons are powerless to stop their ravenous rampage. Now the only hope to stop these alien invaders lies with one man – Mega Man!

    Blast off for new worlds of excitement as Mega Man launches an all-out attack on the alien armada! Rocket into battle and dodge the deadly rings of SATURN and face the molten menace of MERCURY! Search the galaxy for alien gems and construct the ultimate "Mega Man" weapon and blast these invaders all the way back to Alpha Centauri!

  • 13 levels and 9 all new robots!

  • New weapons including the "Mega Arm" and new characters including Tango, the robotic cat.

  • For 1 player only.

    Contributed by gamewarrior (5060) on Jul 22, 2008.