Mega Man X Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
First level start
Some kind of helicopter enemy
Enemy speed racer
The end of level 1 sports a boss.
The enemy has captured Mega Man.
Zero to the rescue.
Level selector screen
Sting Chameleon
Forest level
Watch out for falling rocks.
Found an extra life.
Mega Man in quicksand
The end of each level has a main boss.
Flame Mammoth
Firing plasma at the enemy.
Armored Armadillo
Race downhill with that vehicle.
Watch out for bats.
Mega Man can slide down the wall.
Storm Eagle
Start of the Storm Eagle level

iPad version

Title screen
Main menu
The story
Level 1 boss
The stage select screen
Launch Octopus
Chilling at the beach.
And you thought Jaws was scary.

iPhone version

Title screen.

SNES version

Title screen.
Attacking a giant robot bug-thing.
Riding in a big robot suit.
The stage select screen.
Japanese Title
Every stage begins, naturally, with the introduction of its boss.
Watch out for the flamethrower!
Sky stage
Storm Eagle attacking!
Additionally to weapons from defeated bosses, Mega Man can get all sorts of other power ups.
Fighting against a large snake
Mega man swallowed by a fish
Riding a mine cart
Armored Armadillo
There are lots of secret items to be found
Forest stage
Fighting against Sting Chameleon
Mega Man fighting it out in Ride-Armour
In the Power Plant stage it gets dark frequently
A mid-boss
Spark Mandrill seems difficult at first, but with the right weapon he is one of the easiest bosses
Mega Man receiving a new weapon
Launch Octopus is heavily armed!
Tower stage
Climbing the tower
After finishing all 8 standard levels, a few very difficult Sigma-levels await you ...
... including lots of tough boss-fights