Mega Man X3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Mega Man (from intro)
Title screen
Zero's delivering the plan of attack to X.
Everything's broken and falling apart in the first stage.
Dashing around.
In this game, you also have the opportunity to play as Zero occasionally.
Getting hit by that enormous spiky ball sure does hurt.
Blowing the first mini-boss to pieces.
The first end-stage boss is a huge dragon with some heavy hitting weapons.
Boss selection screen.
One of the differences between the Playstation version and the SNES version is that you get an anime introduction for each boss in the Playstation version.
Obliterating enemies in Crush Crawfish's stage.
Inside a submarine.
"Bilzzard"? Someone must have had a little too much to drink before they sat down by the keyboard.

SNES version

Intro cutscene 1.
The music is GREAT when you play as Zero in the first level.
Intro cutscene 2.
Intro cutscene 3.
Intro cutscene 4.
Title Screen.
First stage intro.
Megaman wiping his enemies out.
Inventory screen.
Megaman has been prisoned.
Zero climbing a wall.
Zero up to rescue Megaman.
Your first boss.
Stage selection screen.
Japanese Title Screen

Windows version

Anime intro
Title screen
Battle at Maverick Hunter HQ
Zero's back! Rejoice!!
About to fight a Maverick...
The Stage Select screen
Blast Hornet's Intro...he looks pretty mad.
Zero, get off your butt and help me! :)
It's the infamous C4 Wheel!