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PlayStation 2PlayFrance (Aug 21, 2003)
Rockman X7 est une bonne suite. Cet épisode est sûrement celui qui apporte le plus de nouveautés, tout en restant sur la même voie que ces prédécesseurs. Dire qu’il plaira a tout le monde c’est sûrement se tromper. Il faut aimer la plate-forme, le shoot et le challenge. Maintenant concernant les fans c’est autre chose. Il ne sera pas évident au début, mais par la suite on adore, comme toujours.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Nov, 2003)
Mega Man has finally found his way to the PlayStation 2 (about time, loser! Next time ask for directions). This time, he’s brought a new friend along named Axl. But despite these seemingly significant changes, Mega Man X7 is actually more of the same.
PlayStation (Mar 13, 2004)
Schade: Die guten Ansätze haben nicht für ein wirklich gutes Spiel gereicht. Die 3D-Grafik ist zwar nicht das Paradies auf Erden, aber immerhin nett anzusehen – leider rutscht sie dank der mistigen Kameraschwenks in unschöne Selbstzweck-Bereiche. Die Steuerung reagiert mir zu schwammig, außerdem ist das Entweder-Feuern-oder-Schweben bei Axl einfach nur nervig. Ich könnte jetzt noch stundenlang Kleinigkeiten aufzählen, die dem Spielspaß immer wieder Nadelstiche verpassen, aber ein einfaches Fazit tut es auch: Beinharte Megaman-Fans machen mit diesem Spiel nicht viel falsch – das Grundprinzip ist seit Jahren gleich und bar größerer Überraschungen. Otto Normalspieler hingegen sollte solche Retro-Games (wie bsp. auch Contra: Shattered Soldier) besser meiden, schon aus Gründen des hammerharten Schwierigkeitsgrades.
PlayStation 2GamerDad (Nov 10, 2003)
2-D or not 2-D, that is the question. For fifteen years, Mega Man games have delighted kids and adults all over the world. There have been so many Mega Man games that they have branched out into different series. The more serious Mega Man X series of games has offered the same kind of challenging 2-D action as the rest. Now in its first foray on the PlayStation 2, Mega Man X makes the big jump into 3-D!
PlayStation 2IGN (Oct 14, 2003)
It's been more than 15 years since Mega Man first appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System and there have been few videogame characters with as much clout and recognition as the Blue Bomber since. Though his exploits haven't brought in the same amount of financial gain that the old-school versions did, his cult popularity and status as an industry icon have continued to fuel a steady stream of updates and sequels without even a hint of slowdown. In 2003 alone, Mega Man has already seen five different videogame incarnations, with several more planned for 2004: including an eight-game anniversary collection, another installment of the Battle Network series, and an RPG spin-off of the X franchise.
PlayStation (May, 2004)
Mega Man X7 is the type of game that most greatly appeals to fans of the series. If the numerous installments so far have not yet deterred you from the series, you'll get your money's worth out of X7. It most certainly merits a rental. Should you give this game a try, there is a lot to get you to come back again. Each stage has a number of hostages for you to rescue in order to gain power-up and character upgrades. Finding each of X's capsules in order to get the Ultimate, but poorly named, "Glide Armor" also adds a challenge and to replay value. After that though, you'll be hard pressed to find things to keep you coming back for more. Give it a try, 'cause you won't know if you like it till you do.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Oct 13, 2003)
Mega Man X7 marks the series' first entry on the PlayStation 2, and as if to commemorate this, it's been given a pretty severe graphical overhaul, bringing the game into 3D, and it includes a few new gameplay bells and whistles. When Mega Man X7 sticks to its old-school roots, it can be pretty enjoyable, if a bit predictable. But when it ventures into new territory and starts tinkering with the tried-and-true Mega Man formula, things start to go wrong.
PlayStation 2GameZone (Nov 04, 2003)
I have always enjoyed Megaman games since the NES days; there was always something very cool about this character. When I got my SNES, I saw that there was a new Megaman game out, called Megaman X. I didn’t know there was any “real” difference between that and the other Megaman games till I finally purchased it. This Megaman series was way better than the regular ones, because of the speed, upgrades, new characters, and even highly secretive “gold upgrade”. I had a blast playing the Megaman X series. Now there is a new Megaman game called Megaman X7, does it hold the essence of the pervious Megaman games, and does it offer anything new? Read on to find out!
PlayStation 2Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Nov 17, 2003)
The hybrid 2D / 3D environments are a first for the series, and in terms of level design, the developers pulled it off with a respectable amount of success. However, the shoddy camera system and somewhat unintuitive controls cause far too many headaches. Additionally, poor execution of the aural component detracts from what was once one of the series’ strongest areas. Ultimately, Mega Man X7 is one step forward and two steps back, though fans of the blue bomber should still get a kick out of his latest adventure.
PlayStation 2Digital Entertainment News (den) (Mar 03, 2004)
This has been the hardest review that I've ever had to write. You see, I love Mega Man with all my heart. There is no Mega Man game that I haven't played and beaten, including Mega Man Soccer. I have never gotten sick of the Mega Man series, although Battle Network is really pushing it. The X series is easily my favorite, and when they finally announced that the X series was coming out on PS2, I was thrilled. As the game got closer to release, however, the word wasn't so good. Our own Jake got to play it briefly at E3 last year, and he had no good words for it. I ignored him, because it was Mega Man, and Mega Man is good. I've been able to look past some of the negatives of past games and still get plenty of enjoyment. I could overlook the time limit in X5. I could overlook the stupid hostage rescue stuff in X6. So could I overlook any potential shortcomings in X7?
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Oct 13, 2003)
In a failed attempt to go next-generation with the next-generation robo-hero, Capcom unfortunately has turned its latest Mega Man game into a mega disappointment.
PlayStation 2Gamigo (Apr 02, 2004)
Wenn überhaupt, dann können wir dieses Spiel nur wirklich hartgesottenen Fans der Reihe ans Herz legen... und selbst dort nur mit Bauchschmerzen!
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Dec 01, 2003)
The Mega Man series has been a staple of the video game world for years, right up there with Mario, Sonic and any other mascot. The story of it's success is almost mythic in gaming circles: An innovative and great game is doomed by terrible box art. Undaunted by this failure, Capcom develops one of the best games ever made in Mega Man II and the public takes notice. The rest, as they say, is history (and a pretty big cliché).
PlayStation (Mar 09, 2004)
Tout d'abord je me dois de préciser que je suis un grand fan de la série des Megaman, afin de ne pas recevoir de mails incendiaires et piégés. Cela étant fait, on ne peut qu'être déçu par ce nouvel épisode avare dans bien des domaines. Porte étendard de la vague de jeux bénéficiant d'une remise en forme adaptée aux consoles nouvelle génération, Léon Belmont aurait dû montrer la voie à son compatriote tout de fer vêtu, le bien nommé X, dans la jungle des adaptations sauvages. Mais il n'en fut rien. Démantelant sincèrement les principales qualités qui avaient permis à la série de tenir jusqu'à présent de manière assez noble, ce nouvel opus enterre quelque peu les aficionados irréductibles sous un flot de déconvenues. Rabattez-vous sur les versions GBA, bien meilleures et respectueuses de l' "esprit" Megaman. Les particules s'éloignent, et le X-Buster refroidit lentement.
PlayStation 2UOL Jogos (Dec 11, 2003)
Depois de tantas reclamações de que a série estava sem grandes novidades, a Capcom parece ter tentado surpreender o público - mas o exagero na revolução parece ter sido um tiro pela culatra. Fãs que fazem questão de saber mais sobre a trama da série não vão querer perder esse episódio... mas alguém em busca de um bom jogo de ação pode ficar decepcionado.
PlayStation 2Netjak (Mar 24, 2004)
Just looking at the title of Mega Man X7 may lead the uneducated to think that it represents just another neat-sounding Japanese game title, but the title is supposed to be taken literally. This is actually the 7th Mega Man X game so far; this knowledge pales in comparison to the fact that the Mega Man character (known as Rock Man in Japan) has starred in over thirty videogames.
PlayStation 2GameSpy (Oct 14, 2004)
I can't fault Capcom or the MMX7 team for trying to reinvent a series that had obviously completely lost its way. There are a lot of things to like about this game; unfortunately, very rarely are they things which significantly affect the gameplay. By and large it's a boring, scattershot attempt to bring MMX into the new millennium. The original Mega Man X is one of my favorite games ever -- and the flaccid 2D sections in this game aren't half as good as any of the levels in the original game. The 3D bits are more compelling, but still substandard.
PlayStation 2Game Revolution (Nov, 2003)
There is a great divide between formulaic gameplay and innovation. The NES Mega Man series stuck to its guns a little too long, and with each tired iteration, cries of been there, done that rang louder and louder. Arguably, the best Mega Man games among that lot were 2 and 3.