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Atari 2600
Atari 5200
Atari 8-bit

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A classic Shooter for the 2600 Atari 2600 donarumo (8)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Atari 2600 10 3.4
Atari 5200 2 2.6
Atari 8-bit 1 2.0
Combined MobyScore 13 3.2

The Press Says

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Atari 2600Tilt
Bref, un exemple parfait d'un jeu excellent, drôle, (il a été consacré le jeu le plus humoristique de l'année aux U.S.A.) difficile et, c'est le cas de le dire, terriblement alléchant. Un must.
Atari 2600All Game Guide
The game is very fun to play, with a wide variety of enemies and patterns.
Atari 5200The Video Game Critic
Unlike most old shooters that feature aliens in space, Megamania takes aim at food items and household appliances. It was a novel idea, and Megamania was quite a hit in its day. The main problem with the Atari 2600 version was that you couldn't always tell what you were shooting at, but that's not a problem here. These sharp graphics clearly depict everything from hamburgers, to moonpies, to ladybugs, to steaming irons. Trying to advance to the next level to see what wacky targets lie ahead is all part of the fun. You can select between guided or straight shots. I like how you can hold down the fire button for continuous shooting, saving wear and tear on your thumb. Megamania is one of the few Activision titles that's better on the 5200 than it is on the 2600.
Atari 2600The Video Game Critic
The weird color schemes don't help matters. Pink hamburgers? Purple tires? Green diamonds? Whatever. Each formation of targets moves in its own distinct pattern. The action isn't bad, but there's not a whole lot of substance. You can choose between straight and guided missiles. Megamania is mildly amusing but somewhat overrated in my opinion.
Atari 2600VideoGame
Pesadelo ou não, o fato é que você será atacado pelos mais estranhos objetos vindos do espaço: anéis, hambúrguers, ferros a vapor, pneus, joaninhas e até gravatas-borboleta.