Megapede Trivia (DOS)

Megapede DOS Megapede! (v2.0)


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From the manual: "Megapede was written in C with some assembly and the graphics were done using a nifty, neat graphics editor written by Mr. Anderson."


Users were encouraged to register the game for 10 to 15 dollars. From the manual:

Registered versions might contain more cheesy grapihics and sounds, will have less bugs in them (like any of our software has bugs in the first place), more anoying and obnoxious sounds and graphics, possibly rendered squid, and anything else we can think of.

A later version of the game did, in fact, include a rendered image of a squid.

System Requirements

In addition to the hardware requirements, the developers included some facetious 'optional requirements':

- DBS Sound Card (Digin' Boomin' System Sound Card)
- Aldawae Video Sparcing Video Card, for great 1024x768x32k res.
(send us mail to see how to get
one. and let us know how you
like the game!)
- Joy-a-tizar, 3D handjoby/headset
- CD-ROM drive or other object that costs a lot
- 1-3 Gallon Size Heafty Bags (for after the game)
- 1 Harpoon

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