Advertising Blurbs

MicroProse Entertainment Software Catalog (1992):
    The Quest For The Ancients. More than just a continuation of an acclaimed series, MegaTraveller 2 is a new, exciting direction in computer role-playing technology. Control one character, but command four others - each responding to your orders according to the personalities and objectives you give them. Over 100 detailed worlds, hundreds of fascinating characters, and a challenging mystery to unravel. Game design by Traveller creator Marc Miller!

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69553) on Jun 01, 2005.

Back of Box:
    A state-of-the-art sequel to MegaTraveller1: The Zhodani Conspiracy written and designed by Marc Miller, original creator of the MegaTraveller universe!

    Vacations never last long for Travellers-we should have known that. Yet here we are on a desperate mission to save a planet from impending doom, battling an armed corsair full of intergalactic pirates.

    Plasma blasts are rocking the hull. Jurgen is evading the barrage as best he can, but we're badly outclassed. Their meson screens are strong and tight, and Dennar is still reparing the jump drive. Effane is manning one of the beam laser turrets, trying to keep pace with our newest team member, a retired Vargr soldier who, despite the canine features, shoots as well as she.

    Me? I'm trying to stay calm and think of a way out of this--fast. A mysterious artifact reportedly built by a quasi-mystical race of early starfarers known as the Ancients, has suddenly come to life on the subsector capitol of Rhylanor. Now the entire planet faces imminent destruction unless we act in time. The only hope seems to be with learning the secrets of the Ancients--which won't be an easy task.

    The ancients were destroyed 300,000 years ago.

    Contributed by ClydeFrog (10547) on Jul 25, 2000.