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In Megatron VGA the player sits in the cockpit of a large walking tank, similar to those from FASA's BattleTech universe.

The player can walk around in a first person perspective through maze-like environments similar in technical presentation to Eye of the Beholder (the player can only walk in fixed steps of a single 3D tile). Controlling multiple different weapons the player must destroy enemy mechs before they try the same. Separate shields on the front and back of the mech must protect players from getting destroyed instantly.

The player can choose between different mechs and multiple difficulty levels. A map of the level is shown at the bottom of the screen at all times, but the player can only detect the enemy when he's in radar range.


Megatron VGA DOS Title screen
Megatron VGA DOS By version 7.0.0, on March 18 1994 all 'unauthorized elements' were replaced and urged users to destroy copies of older versions of Megatron in the NOTICE.TXT. These are the final Assault Robots.
Megatron VGA DOS Title screen of 7.0.0
Megatron VGA DOS In earlier versions they were blatantly named Battlemechs.

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MegaTron has a bizarre history and a look immediately familiar to BattleTech and MechWarrior fans. In 1991, Stanely released this game, and it wasn't a bad effort. Half-decent graphics, good sound, a useful AI, and workable gameplay ("crash-proof", some even called it) added much to an already good concept: modem-to-modem Giant Robot combat, long before the days of NetMech. Unfortunately, Stanely was disappointingly unoriginal, and stole BattleTech concepts and images from FASA while trying to make money off this blatant copyright infringement. He even called the two robots MadCat and Vulture (MechWarrior 2 fans will recognize them as Timberwolf and Mad Dog), referred to them as BattleMechs and Omnis, and set the game in 3015. It's unclear whether there was a genuine lawsuit by FASA or the threat of one (I've asked, but nobody at FASA today remembers what happened back in 1991), but in 1993 Stanely released a new version with a few improvements. The two units are called Bear and Snake, and are now Assault Robots, not BattleMechs.

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