Menzoberranzan Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Menu Screen
Intro - Dragon? What Dragon?
Intro - The village burns
Anyone for darts?
The intro before the creation of your characters
The classical AD&D characteristics
Maybe you can speak with this inn keeper.
An automatic map of the area
The powerful inventory screen
Here you can choose your cleric spells.
A centaur and maybe a good fellow...
The lore of this man could help you.
Vermulean's Parchment
The famous drow : Drizzt Do'Urden.
Killing the monsters...
A man you meet in Underdark...
An evil drow fighter and a drow priestess
A hypnotic lake monster
Again the inventory screen, but with different things.
Pull the chain to open the door.
Kill this lonely dero dwarf to pass.
A room of a big old subterranean temple.
Through a little hole you watch them...
Ohh, some big guys...
A skeleton
A myconid king...
A little transition movie (earthquake).
Humm... venomous ?
A drider who wants to talk to you...
Hey! Who is this spider crossing this chasm?
Pay him to pass the river.
The map of the Menzoberranzan city.
The market of Menzoberranzan.
One drow trader...
What's happening in this drow house?
The world map (not very useful).
A big spider in a house : a drow pet?
He will transform your life...
She can contact an old friend of yours.
A drow innkeeper...
A map of the House Do'Urden...
Who need a password to pass the guards?
The Drizzt's family...
Hurry up! She's going to sacrifice Drizzt.

FM Towns version

Title screen
CGI intro
In addition to the Japanese subtitles, this version has English voice acting (the same as in the CD version of the DOS original)
Main menu
Character creation intro
Choosing the gender of the first character
Start of the game, talking with the inn keeper
Settings screen (from top to bottom): Double click speed, Floors, Ceiling, Sky, Sprite Dithering, Distancing, Sound, Music, Palette Intensity, Step Movement and Screen Size
Out in the town
Found an axe

PC-98 version

Main menu; Ver 1.00 F (floppy disk version)
Intro; the villagers are frightened
Many of the villagers are captured and taken away by the evil drow
First task is to collect 12 buckets and fill them with water to put out the fire in the store rooms
I'm attacked
Inventory screen
A gnoll approaches