Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
The intro is live action video!
Choosing your character
I think I can do that...
Driving an armored vehicle at night
Shoot-out with hostile soldiers in a rain
Real-time bombing in front of a HQ
Typical indoor mission-giving location
You haven't explored most of the map yet
Mission briefing
Loading screen
An experienced character having fun in a big city...
...and merrily jumping through the countryside
Ahh, the joys of mounted gun!
Battle in a camp. This situation should be familiar to GTA players...
Driving a truck - disguised as a civilian
Jumping into water is suicide in this game. This helicopter doesn't seem to mind
Posing on a railway bridge
You'll gain access to many cool vehicles in the game

Xbox version

The start up screen.
The start screen.
You can select which Mercenary you wish to use in your campaign.
One of the many loading screens.
Your PDA can give you info on cards you have to capture or kill.
Your PDA also contains a handy map.
You can buy strikes from the Merchants of Menace from your PDA
You have to work for factions to gain money and info on card locations.
Destroying listening posts boosts Chinese morale.
You can make extra cash by racing marked vehicles to destinations.
Binoculars are great for spotting people.
Factions morale will be boosted if they see you killing N.Ks.
If you kill a faction member money and morale will be deducted from you.
There are lots of different types of mounted weapons for you to use.
Choppers are deadly so need to be taken out quick.
Blowing up NK vehicles earns you money (and nice explosions!)
The Sniper rifle makes killing NKs a lot more fun!
Tanks & A.P.Cs are impervious to bullets.
You can cause havoc with the NKs when you have a chopper!
NK forces have been pounding the allies H.Q all night.
After you have captured a card you must load him into a chopper for extraction.
Safely handing a card over to the allies gives you a big fat cash payment!
Some Strikes need laser guidance.
Satellite guidance is used on some strikes.
Get K.I.A and you will be taken to a local allied M.A.S.H (For a Fee!)
When the fog lifts the sun shines brightly in your favor.
Posing for the GSRN news network!