Mercury: The Prime Master Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Nice intro with dinosaurs :)
Starting town. Not much viewing distance, eh?..
Typical house. Everything looks small and similar in this game
Mysterious place. Dialogue
Chrom is imprisoned!
Intellectual conversation :)
World map
Chrom fights some guys alone
Weapons shop
Chrom attacks a one-eyed meanie
Typical dungeon
My robotic friend is attacked! Bastards!!..
We'll take care of this dragon thing
What a meeting in a dungeon!
Ruined city
We choose a target
Exploring a cave
Fried robots, anyone?
From desert to civilization
Big battle against undead
More dungeon exploration
Use the force, Luke! :)
Melee-attacking some colorful guys
This thing is a teleporter
Higher-level enemies
These guys attack with energy balls
Poor lonely guy :)
Nice... floor

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Mankind has split into three tribes: Fantura, Apocrypha, and Ende
City in the sky
The main hero Chrom looking at some monolith structures
Start of the game
Checking out the options (system)
Chrom stats
That black ball brought me here