Metal Eye Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
Artificial humans?..
Hero's room
Meeting in a bar
First town
Weapon seller
Status screen
World map
Low-level dude. Battle options
Higher-level, palette-swapping apes

PC-98 version

Elf logo
Title screen
Hurry, doctors...
Well, if I could create artificial humans, I'd probably create one like this! :)
The hero looks at his father's portrait
Windir's home town
Character stats
Chatting with girls in the bar
I'll have a glass of your fine, well whiskey!
Weapon shop
Item shop
On the world map
Fighting a maniacally-looking guy
Fighting a... monkey?
Cut scene
Unfortunately, the caves in the game look all the same. Fortunately, they are very small and have a simple layout
Typical Elf-style semi-hentai scene. You'll save many girls in this game, and they will be... ahem... grateful
This pretty much sums up all "kawaii" traces in the game. It has a homogeneous, "serious" anime style
Towns are small, but each has its own music!
Very nice animated moves are displayed during boss battles
Typically Japanese bizarre combination of violence and eroticism
Many adult scenes are optional, including this one
You must be very happy to see me! You are positively glowing!
A bar in a big city. Looking for some action
The game is not all about sex. There are plenty of sweet and sad scenes
Boss battle against a powerful mecha
The cutscenes are definitely a highlight in this game
Regular battle animations are sparse
Elf generally has a good taste in eroticism - more softcore, less pervert than usually
Enemies do like to swap palettes, but new designs keep coming

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Starting town
Findhill's stats
Going to a bar. Alcohol won't save your problems, Findhill
Hitting on a bartender
Gun dealer
On the world map
Low-level primate
Higher-level vicious palette-swapping dudes