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The game that has IT ALL. Windows Dr. M. "Schadenfreude" Von Katze (589)
A solid improvement over the original! PlayStation 3 krisko6 (587)
La li lu le lo. PlayStation 3 Adzuken (861)
An Amazing (Cinematic?) Experience PlayStation 2 Nick Slavin (11)

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WindowsGame Vortex (Apr 30, 2003)
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance is an amazing game. It's probably not appropriate for those gamers who prefer serious tactical combat simulations, but it does offer outstanding graphics, sound, and immersive, interesting, story-driven gameplay. It provides 10-20 hours of intense gaming just with the main campaigns, as well as plenty of extra missions, unlockable items, and other extras. I can't recommend this game enough. It is truly a masterpiece, and anyone who enjoys great games will surely enjoy Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance.
PlayStation 2games xtreme (Apr 01, 2003)
Metal Gear Substance is a must buy game for all Snake die hards and new fans alike, its one of the best well crafted games i’ve ever played and all the extra’s just make a great game phenomenal.
PlayStation 2PSX Extreme (Mar 06, 2003)
In the end, with all the extra features that Substance has to offer, anyone who is a fan of the series would do themselves well to plop down an extra $30-40 for this updated version of Sons of Liberty. Substance is definitely going to deliver a good 30-40 hours of wildly diverse gameplay, and in all ways is a huge advancement over the VR Missions disc for the PSX. You may feel that Konami is just exploiting your love of the franchise to earn a few bucks, but once again the MGS team has managed to offer a solid title that anyone can appreciate.
XboxPGNx Media (Nov 19, 2002)
Overall this game is as satisfying as playing the old METAL GEAR SOLID 2 and I know I will definitely buy this game because of it’s replay value and how everything runes smoothly.
PlayStation 2Consoles Plus (Apr, 2003)
Pour ceux qui n'ont pas encore joué à MGS2, voilà une occasion de se rattraper... Pour les autres - et surtout pour les accros -, seules les missions VR ont un intérêt.
XboxGameZone (Nov 27, 2002)
With loads of Xbox extras and more emphasis on fan favorite Solid Snake, this is the perfect way to be introduced (or reintroduced) to this tremendously entertaining series. While the Sons of Liberty part of game remains unchanged, the separately extra Snake Tales adds new freshness to the game. A Must-Own for fans and gamers that like their action with some stealth mixed into it.
XboxGame Freaks 365 (Apr 18, 2003)
Fans of the first Metal Gear will jump right into Substance. Konami spared nothing in making this version. Newcomers may just join because of skateboarding bonus missions, but they have to beat the other level before that. What can I say, Sons of Liberty may be 20 hours long, but about 5 hours of the game is cut scenes. The 500 bonus missions add to the lifespan, making Metal gear over 100 hours long. This game will not be a game that takes you a week of solid gameplay to beat fully. Maybe a couple months.
PlayStation 2GameZone (Mar 31, 2003)
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was a winner. Substance is simply adding that ­ substance to the title that serves as the basis and core for the game. There is more here to do, and a broader experience to be gained. Yes, the missions are somewhat linear in nature, but the clear-cut objectives force it to be so. Substance is well designed, tremendous graphically and in the audio department, and a great, addictive ride.
XboxGame Informer Magazine (Jan, 2003)
The proverb “good things will come to those who wait” doesn’t exactly exemplify the experience Xbox owners will have with this year-late incarnation of Hideo Kojima’s critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. To be quite frank, it’s more of a love/hate relationship. On the one hand, this is one of the greatest games of all time, and it’s loaded to the hilt with Xbox-exclusive excess. At the same time, however, Konami didn’t take the time to optimize the game to run smoothly on this powerful console, which becomes readily apparent when the game slows down and chugs during intense action sequences and moments where visual effects are in great abundance.
XboxMania (Dec 11, 2002)
In short, METAL GEAR SOLID 2: SUBSTANCE is a title that fans of the series will eat up solely for the Snake Tales. If you haven't played SOLID 2 yet, this is the version to get.
PlayStation 2Game Revolution (Apr, 2003)
However, those who have played MGS 2 (and that's probably most of you, based on sales figures) should treat this much in the same way as buying a DVD, only to find out a year later that they've released a double-extra-special collector's edition. Konami might be milking this cow for all its worth, but the milk still does a body solid.
PlayStation 2IGN (Mar 03, 2003)
Metal Gear Solid 2 has aged incredibly well in almost every aspect. It still looks, sounds, and plays great, and the fact that you can get the Greatest Hits installment for $20 is almost unbelievable. But that cheap price is what makes Substance a tricky buy. Is all the extra content worth the additional $20? If you were a fan of the VR missions from the first Metal Gear Solid, then yes, Substance is well worth your money. There's so much new content that working your way through all of it will easily take more time than the actual Sons of Liberty game. But, if you are one of those that could care less about remixed missions, VR missions, and watching Solid Snake skateboard, then stick with the greatest hits version of Sons of Liberty. It's cheaper and the core game is virtually identical.
XboxGame Revolution (Nov, 2002)
Those who have played MGS 2 should treat this much in the same way as buying a DVD, only to find out a year later that they've released a double-extra-special collector's edition. Konami might be milking this cow for all its worth, but the milk still does a body solid.
PlayStation (Mar 23, 2003)
Nachdem dem ursprünglichen MGS 2 auf Grund kleinerer Mängel und relativ kurzer Spieldauer der Award verwehrt bliebt, kann die Substance-Version dank der zahlreichen spielverlängernden Zusatzmissionen Platin einheimsen. Spieler, die das Original schon im Schrank stehen haben, sollten sich aber trotzdem überlegen, ob sie nur für die VR-Missionen und das Skateboarding nochmals in den Geldbeutel greifen wollen. Wer bislang noch keine Bekanntschaft mit Solid Snake und Raiden gemacht hat, findet mit MGS 2 Substance eine gleichwertige und vor allem lohnenswerte Alternative zu Splinter Cell, die zudem durch die gigantische Anzahl an Bonus-Missionen länger motiviert.
90 (Mar 23, 2003)
Nachdem der PS2-Version von MGS 2 vor einem Jahr der Award knapp verwehrt blieb, kann sich die Substance-Variante dank der zahlreichen Extras, welche die Spieldauer immens verlängern, vollkommen verdient Platin sichern. Doch wird Sam Fisher vom Stealth-Thron gestoßen? Ja und nein. Die im direkten Vergleich mit Splinter Cell eher gewöhnungsbedürftige Steuerung und die immer wieder auftauchenden Perspektiven-Wechsel machen es Fans des NSA-Agenten anfangs schwer, sich auf die „etwas andere“ Stealth-Action einzulassen. Hat man sich aber an das technische Umfeld gewöhnt, entfaltet MGS 2 Substance seinen bekannt hohen Reiz und lässt einen nicht mehr vom Pad loskommen. Story, Spannungskurve und Gameplay bieten sehr gute Unterhaltung, können aber nicht kaschieren, dass die ellenlangen Codec-Unterhaltungen mittlerweile mehr als antiquiert wirken.
PlayStation 3The Digital Fix (Feb 04, 2012)
The series always seems do a remarkable job of making you feel like you are in a actual place and that events are linked to the real world so when the believability of the story goes off the rails it is more jarring as a result. The gameplay is still excellent once you are comfortable with the controls but when it does click with you Sons of Liberty will become the tactical espionage stealth action game you expected. The addition of 500 VR Missions / Alternate Missions, 5 Snake Tales and Boss Survival Mode greatly increases the value of the content on offer here and earns it a respectable 9 out of 10.
XboxGame Captain (Mar 08, 2003)
Ich habe viel von diesem Spiel erwartet und wurde fast nie enttäuscht. OK, die Grafik wird, bis auf die Charaktermodelle, der Xbox nicht gerecht, die Story ist auch manchmal schwer zu verpacken und die Steuerung hat bisweilen den Hang ein bisschen überladen zu erscheinen. Trotzdem wird hier Schleichkost aller erster Garnitur geboten. Das Spiel hält von Anfang bis Ende einfach dieses Filmflair aufrecht, das jede Sekunde zum nervenzerreißenden Augenblick gestaltet. Den Vergleich zwischen „Splinter Cell“ und „MGS2S“, den viele an dieser Stelle nun noch erwarten, kann man allerdings nicht ziehen. Zu groß ist doch der Unterschied, als dass gerechterweise die einzelnen Punkte dieser beiden Spitzengames verglichen werden könnten.
90 (Feb 18, 2003)
MGS2 Substance part dans l'idée de nous faire renouer avec l'angoisse du jeu d'action/infiltration tactique à travers une pléthore de nouvelles missions VR (réalité virtuelle) qui vont mettre à rude épreuve vos compétences en matière de furtivité. Un achat qui s'impose pour les inconditionnels et pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore le chef-d'oeuvre de Kojima.
PlayStation 2Armchair Empire, The (Mar 16, 2003)
Technically speaking, Substance earns its score based on the whole package—the game and the extras. If you’ve played the game before and didn’t like it, the score is going to seem high. If you loved MGS2, Substance is aimed directly at you, just like a PSG-1.
XboxFactornews (Mar 24, 2003)
Ce premier Metal Gear sur Xbox se révèle être une véritable réussite. Il ravira les fans de la série en manque depuis un an grâce à des bonus qui valent vraiment le détour. Ceux qui ne le connaissent pas encore découvriront une aventure incroyable au scénario complexe, à la jouabilité exemplaire et d’une durée de vie solide.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Mar 05, 2003)
If you couldn?t get enough of Sons of Liberty or wanted more Solid Snake, Substance is a no-brainer purchase. Konami should have released Metal Gear in this form two years ago.
XboxIGN (Nov 08, 2002)
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance is like a fully loaded special edition DVD of your favorite movie. In this case, the movie is Sons of Liberty. If you've already played through the PS2 version and are wondering if you should buy this, the question you should ask yourself is, "Are the VR/Alternative missions, and the rest of the extras, worth $50?" If you also own the Document of Metal Gear Solid 2, you've already had a taste of what the VR missions have to offer. If only Document had also been included in Substance...
PlayStation 2Game Captain (Mar 30, 2003)
Ein Action-Kracher, der den Spieler vor allem durch seine filmreifen Zwischensequenzen und die spannende Story in seinen Bann ziehen wird.
WindowsIGN (Apr 02, 2003)
At my first E3, the crowd was wowed and stunned by a video they saw on a giant screen in the middle of the show floor. The game lighting up the canvas was none other than Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, one of the PS2's finest games. Nearly three years after that first glimpse, the PC is finally getting a version of that awesome game, only in the form of Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, already released on PS2 and Xbox, a more complete and packed version of the game that adds more bang for your buck while retaining the fantastic story and sneaky gameplay that has become so popular in the series. Of course, PC ports always have their problems, mainly in the interfaces and options menus, but aside from one graphical glitch I encountered, the port is a good one once you figure out the controls.
88 (Feb 27, 2003)
Konami verdient Lob und Schelte zugleich: Einerseits kommen Xbox-Besitzer endlich in den Besitz eines nach wie vor großartigen Spiels mit wunderbaren Designideen und knisternder Filmatmosphäre. Auch die teils knüppelharten Zusatzmissionen und die Snake-Episoden sind für unersättliche Schleich-Fans eine wirklich feine Sache, mir persönlich auf Dauer aber etwas zu trocken. Leider hat man das Hauptspiel Sons of Liberty grafisch wie inhaltlich nahezu unverändert von der PS2 übernommen; nach einem Jahr und angesichts der überlegenen Xbox-Hardware keine Meisterleistung. Ob die neuen Missionen und die kurzweiligen Snake-Episoden für Besitzer des Originals einen Neukauf rechtfertigen, muss jeder selbst entscheiden. Metal-Gear-Neulinge hingegen infiltrieren augenblicklich den nächsten Spiele-Shop - und erleben eines der spannendsten und ungewöhnlichsten Action-Adventures der letzen Jahre!
XboxHardGamers (Feb 09, 2003)
Un an après sa première apparition, on ne fait pas face à un Metal Gear Solid 2 tellement évolué pour autant. Mis à part les ajouts, dont certains pas si incroyables, rien n'a changé de l'original. Mais comme l'emballage était bien scellé, sachez que ce qui se trouve sur ce plateau d'argent a entièrement conservé sa saveur délicieuse. Toutefois, je prédis un meilleur résultat pour la version PlayStation 2, particulièrement à cause de la manette plus appropriée, mais aussi pour les autres ajouts promis. Un must pour les fans de la série, à essayer pour ceux qui aiment le genre, je ne peux que recommander l'achat de ce titre qui m'a franchement plu.
XboxGameSpot (Nov 08, 2002)
It's true that Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance isn't as big of a deal as last year's game, since it's basically last year's game rereleased a year later. But despite the backlash against Metal Gear Solid 2's wild story and main character, one year later, it's still a great game that isn't comparable to anything else that's out there. So, simply put, if you haven't played Metal Gear Solid 2 before, go for it now. The extras in Substance--while perhaps not as substantial as Metal Gear fans had hoped--help make the wait for this Xbox version justifiable, but in the end, it's the core game itself that's still very worthwhile.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Mar 26, 2003)
Gerne würde ich jetzt berichten, wie sich die Kollegen begeistert hinter mir versammelten, während ich Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance spielte. Die Realität sah zunächst leider anders aus: Nach ein paar Minuten wendeten sich die meisten wegen der nicht-pixelgeshadeten Grafik ab, schüttelten den Kopf, als sie das Gamepad in meiner Hand sahen und hatten nach einiger Zeit keine Lust mehr, mit mir in der Küche einen Kaffee zu trinken, da dieser meist aufgrund einer der zahlreichen und minutenlangen Zwischensequenzen warten musste. Diese Einstellung änderte sich, als ich ihnen von der spannenden und obendrein fantastisch inszenierten Geschichte, den abwechslungsreichen Einsätzen und den über lange Zeit fesselnden Gimmicks wie die VR-Missionen vorschwärmte. Wenn Sie also Splinter Cell bereits durchgespielt haben, testen Sie Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance in jedem Fall an - es lohnt sich!
PlayStation (Mar 24, 2003)
MGS2 Substance part dans l'idée de nous faire renouer avec l'angoisse du jeu d'action/infiltration tactique à travers une pléthore de nouvelles missions VR (réalité virtuelle) qui vont mettre à rude épreuve vos compétences en matière de furtivité. Un achat qui s'impose toutefois uniquement pour les inconditionnels et pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore le chef-d'oeuvre de Kojima.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Mar, 2003)
Glückwunsch, Konami! Die Konvertierung von Konsole auf PC (häufig ein Sorgenkind) habt ihr bemerkenswert gut hinbekommen. Auch die Grafik kann sich sehen lassen, wenngleich sie mit der aktuellen 3D-Konkurrenz nicht mithalten kann. Lediglich die Gamepad-Steuerung ist einen ganzen Tick zu träge. Außerdem macht mein Held gelegentlich schon mal Sprünge, wo er sich eigentlich hinlegen soll. Substance ist extrem spannend: Wenn ich als Raiden unter einer misstrauischen Wache entlanghangele, pocht mir der Herzschlag in den Ohren. Da verzeihe ich den Entwicklern auch die abstruse Hintergrundstory. Wenn Sie Splinter Cell schon durchhaben, sollten Sie sich mit Snake und Raiden in den Einsatz stürzen.
85 (Mar 13, 2003)
Metal Gear Solid Substance, despite its faults, is a game of rare quality, and its addition to the Xbox line up is one that should please everyone owning Microsoft's console. It is also a difficult game to rate, because your enjoyment of the title will entirely depend on what you expect from this game, and what you feel it delivers. Everyone should enjoy the game play itself - although not quite as 'pure' a play style as some other stealth titles, the core game play itself is a pretty rock solid mix of gadgets and sneaking about that should appeal to most console gamers. If, however, you are annoyed by cut scenes, and like your stealth games to err on the side of realism, then you might consider looking elsewhere, or perhaps try before you buy. And that's really what it comes down to.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Apr, 2003)
As convoluted as Hideo Kojima’s story for MGS 2 was, I miss his input here. While you can certainly play Sons of Liberty with this title, I don’t believe the extra material itself is worth a purchase if you’ve already played the main game. Yes, the action is still exhilarating at times, but without Kojima’s story and cinematics, I found Snake’s Tales to be rather dry. If the extras alone have you thinking of a purchase, I suggest you rent it to be satiated.
WindowsGame Power Australia (Jun 03, 2003)
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was one of the most talked about games for quite a few years - it was the sequel to one of the world's greatest video games (Metal Gear Solid on the original PlayStation), and as such it was highly anticipated by gamers everywhere. Despite the controversy at the time of the game's release regarding its main character (who turned out to be a rookie named Raiden, not Solid Snake), Metal Gear Solid 2 was still regarded as a stellar sequel, and every self respecting gamer indulged in the game at one point or another.
WindowsGameZone (Apr 14, 2003)
The smash PS2 hit Metal Gear Solid 2 finally arrives on the PC with some nice extras. Metal Gear Solid 2:Substance is sort of a director’s cut of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, a game that is widely considered to be one of the best games on the PS2. Substance contains a full version of the original Sons of Liberty, and plenty of extra goodies as well, like hundreds of VR missions and side quests. Substance builds on an already great game, but the port from the consoles to the PC is a bit rocky. However, PC owners who didn’t get a chance to play the Sons of Liberty or the Substance games on either the XBox or the PS2 should check this one out. Just make sure your PC meets the hefty requirements first.
XboxGameSpy (Nov 24, 2002)
So, should you pick up a copy of Metal Gear 2: Substance? In short, hell yes! This is one of the greatest adventure stories in video game history, and even though many of you have probably finished the original MGS2 on the PS2, the VR missions alone in Substance are definitely worth checking out.
WindowsGame Captain (Apr 09, 2003)
Geniales Taktikgame mit furioser Story. Steuerung und Präsentation leiden jedoch erheblich an der lieblosen Konsolen-Konvertierung! Die spannenden Missionen wissen zu fesseln, was nicht zuletzt daran liegt, dass sie selber die nicht weniger spannende Story vorantreiben. Wären da nicht die genannten, nicht gerade unerheblichen Konsolenschwächen, könnte man von einem echten Knaller sprechen, der durch vielfältige Ideen und eine perfekte Umsetzung dieser überzeugt. Gerne hätte ich einen Award vergeben, aber leider sind die wenigen Schwachpunkte zu gravierend.
PlayStation 2Netjak (Jan 28, 2002)
A pretty darn good showing for the guys at Konami. I really wish this had been how they released the game initially, because putting out a package like this makes the true fans feel kind of slighted. I mean, they bought the product first, and after they've given Konami their cash, they see all the people who didn't give any money get rewarded by having a really awesome version of the game come out.
WindowsGameSpy (May 30, 2003)
A good friend of mine recently said to me that you couldn't call yourself a true gamer unless you had played Metal Gear Solid. PC gaming snob that I am, I promptly ignored him and went back to playing Civilization III. Now that I've had a chance to actually play Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, though, I realize how right he was. The PC version of Substance does everything I absolutely loathe in a PC port of a console game -- it has no optimization for the platform's controls, no upgrade to the graphics and system requirements that are just short of absurd. Yet, despite all these problems, the sheer quality of the underlying game manages to shine through.
XboxThe Next Level (Jan 01, 2003)
Thus far, I wouldn't motivate ANYONE to rush out for the Xbox edition, especially with those inherent flaws. It's such a slap in the face especially to Xbox owners, while I am certain the PS2 version will be "solid" and surpass this release in every way. Although I've been remained a dedicated fan to the franchise over the years, I sincerely can no longer acknowledge it as the definitive model. Especially with the release of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, that bar has been raised and redefined (stay tuned for Sleeveboy's review for more details). Unless the next installment of Metal Gear can deliver substantial improvements, fans will become attracted to entertaining epigones to hold their interests.
PlayStation 2GameSpy (Mar 03, 2003)
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance is basically Metal Gear Solid 2 with a bunch of extra content. Whether or not that appeals to you depends on how much you liked the original MGS2 release. If its gameplay made you all tingly in those special gamer bits, then you'll find a lot more of it here. The VR Missions alone could keep you busy for weeks. If, however, MGS2 didn't light your fire, your logs will remain unburnt by Substance. It's up to you to figure out where you stand on this continuum, but I can say one thing for sure: This is the definitive edition of Metal Gear Solid 2.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Apr 14, 2003)
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance принципиально отличается от напрашивающегося в конкуренты Splinter Cell. Будучи слабее телом, она выезжает на психологизме, красоте разворачивающегося действа и кинематографичности. Вместо безликих террористов — стильная борьба со вполне персонифицированным злом. И в то же время — просто интересный stealth-шутер с ужаснейшим управлением. На полном безрыбье современных японских игр такой проект многим придется по вкусу.
80 (UK) (Mar 05, 2003)
So is it worth it? Quite possibly, depending on your experience with the original version of Sons of Liberty. As a first-time player with an Xbox, you can't afford not to get this. The main game is a tremendous achievement; it's brash, theatrical and very, very cheesy. It doesn't know what it wants to be - some might say an interactive movie, and if you must level that criticism, then at least admit it's a damn fine interactive movie. The rest of us will just get on with soaking up the mostly-fabulous visuals and cinematics, bizarre storyline and nicely paced stealth antics. It is what we like to call a flawed masterpiece, rivalled only by Splinter Cell. Couple this with the huge amount of extra content, and there is a magnificent amount of stuff to do, making it an essential purchase.
80 (Mar 23, 2003)
Au Backe! Nachdem bereits Metal Gear Solid eine mehr schlecht als rechte PC-Umsetzung abbekommen hat, sieht sich auch MGS 2 Substance vor mehreren Problemen, die im direkten Vergleich zu Splinter Cell gewaltig die Motivation drücken. Denn was nützen mir eine grundsätzlich gute Story, filmreife Cut-Scenes und ein eigentlich durchdachtes Gameplay, wenn ich das Spiel nur mit einem absoluten Highend-PC genießen kann und ich zudem drei Hände für die Steuerung brauche? Eine derart schlampige Umsetzung, die niemals den Verdacht beiseite wischen kann, dass hier einfach die Xbox-Fassung mit wenigen Handgriffen und ohne Optimierung auf den PC gebracht wurde, hat Solid Snake wahrlich nicht verdient. Dabei wären sowohl das Hauptspiel als auch die mehr als 500 Zusatzmissionen, Geheimnisse und Gimmicks eigentlich eine vollkommen gleichwertige Alternative zu Sam Fishers NSA-Ausflügen.
XboxGamereactor (Sweden) (May 08, 2003)
Summa summarum är Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance lika bra som originalet och ännu bättre tack vare allt extra godis. De som ännu inte upplevt den rafflande dramatiken i Hideo Kojimas mästarepos bör omedelbart rusa ut och införskaffa sig ett ex. Har man redan spelat föregångaren och verkligen dyrkade det så kan spelet också vara klart värt att skaffa. Se detta som mer av det som redan var.
WindowsGamekult (Mar 25, 2003)
Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance sur PC est un titre indispensable, pour ceux qui n'y auraient jamais joué sur consoles tout du moins, et ce malgré une optimisation douteuse. Doté d'une jouabilité étonnamment souple et d'une orientation très cinématographique - parfois trop -, le titre de Konami demeure une valeur sûre, et ce malgré la concurrence féroce de Splinter Cell, qui a poussé encore plus loin le vice côté réalisme. On regrette juste que le jeu soit miné par des problèmes d'optimisation assez criants qui empêchent le commun des PC d'en profiter, au-delà du fait qu'il soit réservé aux seuls lecteurs de DVD. En revanche, ceux qui l'auraient déjà fini sur PS2 peuvent passer leur tour ; les nombreuses missions comme les Snake Tales, réservés aux seuls amateurs de challenges et de par coeur, ne méritent pas à eux seuls l'achat au prix fort.
80 (Mar 24, 2003)
Inédit sur PC, le hit de Kojima réalise une très bonne performance sur ce support, même si ceux qui en auront la possibilité préféreront y jouer sur consoles. Dans des conditions de jeu optimales, ce volet PC parvient tout de même à révéler toute son efficacité, en permettant à un public plus large de découvrir le potentiel du méga hit de Konami. Une très bonne alternative à Splinter Cell.
WindowsPC Action (Apr 09, 2003)
Keine Frage, auf der PS2 rockt Metal Gear Solid 2 die Hütte. Die PC-Version jedoch ist mit den üblichen Schwächen von Konsolenumsetzungen behaftet. Mich haben beispielsweise die detailarmen Grafiken, die verkorkste Tastatur-Steuerung sowie die viel zu engen Räumlichkeiten gestört. Von den ständigen Ladeunterbrechungen ganz zu schweigen. Ansonsten hatte ich sehr viel Spaß mit Snake und seinem wasserstoffblonden Agentenkollegen Raiden. Was nicht zuletzt an den abwechslungsreichen Missionen liegt. Sie müssen Bomben entschärfen, unbemerkt Beweisfotos schießen, einen fetten End- beziehungsweise Zwischengegner umnieten, und, und, und. Viel Geduld erfordern übrigens die langatmigen Zwischensequenzen. zehn Minuten Video am Stück sind keine Seltenheit. Hier wäre weniger mehr gewesen.
XboxGamePro (US) (Dec 30, 2002)
For those who never played Metal Gear Solid, Substance is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with a unique and innovative play engine. Those expecting a true sequel here will be disappointed: Substance strictly builds on the success of existing material.
WindowsGame Chronicles (Apr 30, 2003)
Born on the PS2 and reborn on the PC, the Metal Gear franchise has become one of the most heralded games of the past decade. Microsoft ported the last version of Metal Gear Solid to the PC but this time Konami kept control and they waited until they could bring PC gamers the ultimate special edition, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance. Substance is the special edition of the original Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty packed with all sorts of mind-blowing extras. It first appeared on the Xbox, then arrived for PS2 and PC gamers a few months later. Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance is the second Metal Gear game to appear on a the PC and Konami has spent considerable time tweaking the game and adding new content to this new release.
WindowsGameSpot (Apr 10, 2003)
This is such an unusual, intriguing, and shocking action game that despite the rough translation, it still makes for a one-of-a-kind experience on the PC.
WindowsActionTrip (Apr 11, 2003)
I know, I know, many of you are PC purists (I am, for the most part), and when console games get ported over to the PC, they had best be pretty damn good in order to justify spending your hard earned cash on purchasing them. But no one can deny that Metal Gear Solid and its sequel are two of the most widely regarded console games of the last 10 years. But I guess when one talks about Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance one cannot simply throw the reader in medias res. Many of our readers are probably unfamiliar with Konami's flagship PS2 series, so a little introduction may be in order.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Mar 05, 2003)
The production values may be really good, but they were already really good a year and a half ago, and that's the problem. If it isn't worth buying, is Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance even worth playing? If you've already had your fill of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, then no, not really. And if you've never played MGS2 before, that's probably because you're not interested in bearing with its long-winded storyline, so Substance probably isn't for you, either. However, the hard-core Metal Gear Solid fan should get a kick out for the VR missions and other extras, so Substance wouldn't make a bad rental if you went into it knowing what to expect. Essentially, though, Metal Gear Solid 2 still does hold up well after all these months.
75 (May 04, 2005)
Aaaah… Metal Gear Solid… Quant on cite ce nom, deux sentiments m’assaillent : bonheur et frustration. Bonheur, car Hideo Kojima fait partie de ces concepteurs de jeux qui mettent un point d’honneur à mériter leur réputation à chaque nouveau jeu. On est donc sûr d’avoir affaire à un produit de qualité. Frustration, car qui dit MGS dit console donc… délai d’attente insoutenable pour les joueurs PC !
XboxX-Power (Jun 11, 2003)
MGS2-substance is niets meer dan MGS2-Sons of Liberty met een heleboel extra's. Hoewel wij, in tegenstelling tot de PS2 bezitters, geen keus hebben tussen de normale en deze deluxe versie, denk ik toch dat het belangrijk is een verschil te maken tussen het avontuur en de extra's.
PlayStation 2Games TM (Feb, 2003)
PS2 owners who've already seen it through will probably want to throw their cash elsewhere but everyone else (particularly Xbox owners looking for a suitably alternative to Splinter Cell) could do a whole lot worse than look into MGS2:S.
WindowsPC Zone Benelux (Apr, 2003)
Konami, applaus! Jullie hebben een briljante game weten te degraderen tot een middenmoter. Tuurlijk, het spel is op zichzelf sterk genoeg zodat het ondanks alle redelijk geslaagde sabotagepogingen van jullie conversieteam een voldoende haalt. Maar een PC is niet een emulator van de PlayStation 2, het is een platform op zich. En als je daarvoor niet kunt of wílt programmeren, moet je het vooral nalaten.
WindowsJoystick (French) (May, 2003)
Pur produit de la console, Metal Gear Solid 2 aura plus de mal à se trouver un public sur PC, par définition plus âgé. Malgré une très grande diversité dans un gameplay très riche, les côtés mièvres du jeu et les cinématiques à répétition gâchent le plaisir de jeu pourtant bien réel. On regrette, ça aurait pu être vraiment bien.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Apr 29, 2003)
Als je betaalt voor een nieuw PC spel, dan verwacht je geen goedkope, veel te makkelijke port van een twee jaar oud PS2 spel. Wil je de pc spion uithangen, ga dan voor Splinter Cell en je bent dit gedrocht in een wip vergeten! Al wie het antwoord zoekt op de vraag: 'hoe verkracht ik één van de beste PS2 games van de afgelopen jaren', check this baby out!
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Aug, 2003)
Underneath the shoddy user interface and disappointingly high system requirements (in resolutions higher than 800x600, expect to see lots of slowdown) is a bold game that needs to be experienced. The question is, should you play MGS2 on a PC? Well, not if you can help it.