Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Second disc title screen
The codec intro to Snake vs. Monkey
Stalking a simian with the stun gun...
We've been spotted!
Alerted monkeys taunt you and run away.
Alerted monkeys are excellent fighters and can't be taken down hand-to-hand.
Bonus port of the very first Metal Gear
Now in English!
Bonus port of Metal Gear 2, also translated to English.

PS Vita version

Main title (screenshot captured via PS Vita feature which automatically adds the game watermark in the lower right corner).
Main menu.
Snake performing a HALO jump... you can even switch to first-person perspective at designated points during cinematics.
Introducing Snake.
You can use radio codec to talk to your allies.
That jump was too close to the edge.
You can switch between third and first-person perspective during gameplay.
Climbing up the tree to reach your lost gear.
While scary, snakes won't attack you if you don't provoke them.
Use tranquilizer if you want to eat fresh snakes.
Touching left part of the screen will let you select your gadgets.
Camouflage plays vital role in this game.
You can camouflage your skin as well as your clothes.
Things you take out of your backpack will be available for equipping during gameplay.
Checking the things to eat... but you can also throw live snakes at the enemy to scare them.
Flora and fauna is as alive as ever, most of it edible too.
Watch out for the gators, but don't take too long to pass the quicksand.
Use your binoculars to scout the terrain for guards.
Weird things can be found in the jungle.
Crossing bridge can be dangerous, and Snake can't hold on forever.
Eye candy for those who know when and where to look :)
Boss kicks the hell out of Snake whenever they encounter.
When lost, check your map.
Hide bodies in the lockers to avoid raising an alarm.
The Shagohod is this game's Metal Gear.
Metal Gear - Main menu.
Metal Gear - Starting the mission.
Metal Gear - Using radio to talk to your allies.
Metal Gear - Sneaking past the guards.
Metal Gear - Collect rations to replenish your health.
Metal Gear - Checking your inventory.
Metal Gear - Firefight with the guards.
Metal Gear - Use elevator to reach upper and lower floors.
Metal Gear - Need to get that gas mask.
Metal Gear - Rescuing a prisoner.
Metal Gear - Weapon selection.