Metal Gear Solid Screenshots

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Windows version

Nice to see I'm wanted
Quietly does it
Guards all over the place
Hurry now, keep moving
Snake can use enemy soldiers as human shields, but they're not much good since they die and disappear after only one hit
The majority of the game takes place from a top-down perspective, but when you press against a wall the camera zooms into a more dramatic angle
Meryl, disguised as a GENOME soldier, helps Snake take on a squad of real GENOME soldiers
Snake gets in a pistol duel with Russian cowboy Revolver Ocelot, who's holding the ArmsTech President hostage
Snake vs. the Tank. Just another day on the job.
The Cyborg Ninja: Snake's biggest fan whose only goal in life is to get beat up by him. In real life, we call this 'stalking'
A big Star Wars fan, the Ninja has mastered the art of deflecting bullets with his sword
During an illicit Woman's Bathroom rendevous, Meryl and Snake go into a whole spiel about the tragedy of love and war which we might be able to take seriously if Meryl wasn't only wearing her panties(oh those wacky Japanese programmers)
Meryl expresses her displeasure at being oogled by prepubescent teens and weird 30-something loners
Mess with Meryl, and she'll toss your Special Forces butt around like a rag doll
Possessed by Psycho Mantis, Meryl tries to cap you. You're not going to stand for that, are you?
Psycho Mantis can use his telekinesis to throw everything at you except the kitchen sink. Also a Star Wars fan, he even goes so far as to use his last words to rip off Darth Vader's death scene
Sniper vs. Sniper duel against the explosively sultry Sniper Wolf
These bad guys have obviously seen Dr. Strangelove one too many times
Solid Snake gets harassed by Liquid Snake's Hind-D attack helicopter
Sniper Wolf's last stand. At least she's dressing a bit more sensibly now in preparation for her big death scene.
Vulcan Raven: No trip to Alaska is complete without being molested in a meat freezer by a 300-pound Eskimo wielding a minigun
Say Hello to Metal Gear. Say goodbye to Washington D.C.
Solid and Liquid settle their differences the bare-knuckled, shirtless ubermensch way
It's road rage run amuck as Liquid simply refuses to die
VR Missions: Fanboy joy playing as the Cyborg Ninja
VR Missions: Snake protects Meryl from a pair of seriously oversized GENOME soldiers
In photo mode Snake gets to snap pictures of his high polycount female co-workers
Beat the game twice and get both endings, and Snake receives a classy James Bond tuxedo
Liquid in all of his glory and running on Windows Vista. Don't ask me how I pulled that off
Our hero in his pre-mullet phase
PAL code, not to be confused with Friend code. Although I would consider both tools of human suffering.
Speaking of eyes..
I could just shoot you, but lets have an epic fist fight atop this giant robot instead