Metal Slug 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Player select.
Mission 1.
Shooting crabs on the beach.
Take that tower out.
Finding a hostage.
A power-up.
More giant crabs.
The crabs home.
In the swamps.
Giant insects.
Taking a boat.
Nice for them to drop in.
Blast the truck.
A nice boat ride.
Lovely sunset.
The big boss.
Well Done.
Zombie's approaching.
Blast them all.
You've turned into a Zombie.
Giant fish
Fight under water
Multi blood streams
Again under water
Bigger u-boot
Enemy base
next boss
Camel slug!
Big slug
Like in starship troopers
Flying boss
Next boss fight
Anti-air gun
Shoot'em up
In enemy's ship
Martians brain
Rescue friend
Last boss

iPad version

Title screen
Main menu
Select mode
How to play
Soldier select
Mission 1 start
Under the sea

Neo Geo version

How to Play
Character Selection
Mission 1
"Good God!", gasps Gerald, "I've never seen a lobster as huge as you"
Riding a boat
Mission 2
Tarmo the zombie
A bunch of huge aliens
Mission 3
Is this some sort of factory?
Mission 4
What's inside that temple over there?
Arabian underground
Tarmo has just been eaten by those huge venus flytraps
Above a waterfall
What's your poison?
Mission 5
General Morton strikes again
Eri flies her way through space
Inside the spaceship
General Morton gets the shock of his life
"Good God!", gasps Gerald, "I've never seen an alien as huge as you."

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.
Menu screen.
Character selection.

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Game mode and difficulty level selection screen
Character selection screen
Most levels have multiple routes.
Fighting two giant crabs underwater.
First level boss
First mission complete
In the second mission you can be turned into a zombie. This red stream of blood replaces your grenade attack.
Shooting a helicopter with the heavy machinegun power-up.
Second level boss
The third level starts underwater.
Inside a small submarine
A section with multiple floors and elevators
Third mission boss
In the fourth mission you start on an armed camel.
The soldiers run from these plants.
Fourth level boss
Start of the final mission
Shooting while in flight.
Fighting the army commander.
The rocket takes off.
The next section is set in space.
Inside a powerful suit
These large enemies take a lot of damage.
Destroying an alien device.
Lots of mutants, but there is some unexpected help.
Final boss
Unlockable images from the gallery