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Metal Slug 4

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Neo Geo
PlayStation 2

Advertising Blurbs
    The king of side-scrolling shoot 'em ups is back for another bout of hardcore blasting action.

    Long-time Metal Slug villain Morden has teamed up with an organisation of cyber-terrorists
    known only as 'Amadeus' to spread a crippling computer virus called 'White Baby'. If
    transmitted, the virus could break through all security systems and give these evildoers
    access to every country's military systems.

    It's up to Marco and Fio, along with new recruits Trevor and Nadia to battle through
    Morden's troops - as well as zombies, Yetis and some truly colossal bosses - to save the
    day. As ever, the Metal Slug tank is on hand to lend some much-needed extra firepower,
    and there's plenty of bearded hostages just waiting for you to rescue them in return for
    precious power-ups.

    • Six highly detailed stages packed with beautifully animated characters

    • Four selectable characters, including two new recruits

    • The widest selection of weaponry and vehicles in the Metal Slug series yet

    Contributed by DreinIX (9422) on Feb 20, 2008.