Metal Slug 5 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Soldier select.
Mission 1.
Row row row your boat.
Jump down.
Helicopter to shoot.
Take them boats out.
Shoot the natives.
Inside a temple.
Shoot them worms.
Spear throwing native.
More worms.
A nice robot to drive.
Blasting everything.
Destroy them towers.
Getting a bit hot.
Big boss.
Trying to destroy the boss.
Well Done.
Crossing the bridge.
Jump the gaps.
Two robots to destroy.
Taking the lift.
Shoot them shells.

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
"How To Play" screen: be a good soldier reviewing the classic-basic hints (including a new one).
In a theather background, four classic soldiers are available for your free choice...
Mission 1: transported by a guided raft, Marco quickly stabs the first enemy soldier in his front!
Later, Marco is surrounded by two enemy hovercrafts, but he strikes back with the Enemy Chaser.
The temple passage is locked due a big amount of blocks: the only way to continue is shoot 'em all!
Marco (in Fat Mode) uses the power of his boosted Dual machine Gun to demolish a tribesman tower.
Engaged in the new Slug Gunner, Marco must use all ammo possible to defeat a very mysterious tank...
A giant red tank will use flame and multiple gun turret shots to impede that you clear Mission 1!
Cut-scene between Missions 1 and 2 – a tribesman finds a cursed mask and puts it: what a bad luck...
Tarma throws some bombs, aiming at to disassemble a battle formation created by an enemy troop.
Another enemy formation was composed, but now Tarma doesn't get to avoid that the worst happens...
Non-stop sliding action: Tarma executes the new move to avoid a row of bullets and continue firing!
Controlling the Slug Plane, Tarma has conditions to defeat a big enemy airplane and clear Mission 2.
Demonstration mode – Tarma discharges Spider Slug's harpoon and smashes a row of enemy trucks.
What to do when your way are locked by a enforced van and several armed diving-cloth-style soldiers?
Transported by some elevators, Eri must eliminate a little row of choppers (and free a hostage too).
Eri approaches until some soldiers that are repairing a Slug Gunner (a Lt. inspects the works).
Eri waits the time to fire with Slug Gunner's gun turret: the cyborg threats to do a first move...
After leaving off Slug Gunner, Eri spends a lot of her Dual Machine Gun to destroy some cyborgs.
With soldiers giving additional help to the big Wall Crawler, Eri can delay more to clear Mission 3.
In the beginning of Mission 4, Fio is suddenly surrounded by a squad of motorcycle riding soldiers.
Fio uses Slug Sub's gun turret aiming at to strike back any enemies that can appear suddenly...
Arriving in a desert, Fio meets two tied hostages on the Sandmarine: it's time to finish Mission 4!
Equipped with the Slug Car, Fio shoots a set of bullets and homing missiles to destroy a helicopter.
Surrounded by a massive troop of lieutenants, Fio quickly ducks to escape from a future gun shot.
Using a single shot of her Big Shotgun, Fio was capable to eliminate a double of green-masked guys.
Next obstacle: two masked guys in elephant-shaped cockpits will shoot purple slugs and laser beams.
To clear Final Mission, Fio and Eri make a double-shooting attack in the flying demon's skull chest.
Sliding and shooting, Eri and Fio gets to avoid simultaneously a row of air-energy flashing balls.