Metal Slug: Super Vehicle - 001

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SEGA Saturn

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Excellent! PlayStation *Katakis* (37889)
SNK and the little tank that could. PlayStation Zovni (9329)

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Platform Votes Score
Android 3 4.2
Arcade 5 4.5
iPad 3 4.3
iPhone 3 4.3
Neo Geo 48 4.1
Neo Geo CD 1 5.0
PlayStation 23 3.7
PlayStation 3 3 4.4
PSP 3 4.5
PS Vita 1 5.0
SEGA Saturn 22 4.0
Wii 5 3.7
Windows 1 4.2
Combined User Score 121 4.1

Critic Reviews

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Neo GeoLe Geek
While simpler in comparison, the first game's attention to detail (try shooting the Nazi-like banners at the beginning of the second level), consistent WW2 theme and incredibly polished gameplay make Metal Slug a true classic and a must have on Neo-Geo. Unless your last name is Rockefeller, it's well worth it to track down the much cheaper MVS version.
Neo GeoDigital Press - Classic Video Games
There's nothing more to say about this classic. If you've never played a MS game, play it now ! If you can't afford a Neo AES, could you either buy a Neo-CD with MS 1 or 2, or the best option beside these is surely the Sega Saturn version. The only problem with it is that it never left the shores of Japan. ..."MISSION ALL OVER"...
Neo GeoHonestGamers
Everything just reeks of awesome, from the standard but majestic tunes to the gorgeous animation. The gameplay itself is a total blast: it's well balanced, exhilarating, challenging, and everything in between. The two-player mode also happens to be one of the best things since sliced cake, while the game's amazing variety and sense of humor serve as a most delicious icing. While it was probably just an attempt to cash in on the large gap left by the floundering Contra franchise, with Metal Slug SNK had unwittingly conceived the finest run-n-gun action game ever. Stylistically different from its sequels and simply better than its competitors, not playing this game should be a crime.
Pour un galop d’essai, le studio Nazca épaulé par SNK signe avec Metal Slug un soft que l’on peut qualifier de grandiose. Chaque aspect est digne d’une grosse production avec des décors sublimes aussi originaux que détaillés, des personnages attachants et charismatiques, des armes particulièrement jouissives à utiliser dont le mini-tank et des affrontements atteignant une rare intensité au point de repousser la console dans ses derniers retranchements. Mêlant avec brio un univers caricatural et violent, Metal Slug transporte le joueur dans une guerre épique qu’il n’est pas près d’oublier.
Neo GeoOJGames
“Metal Slug: Super Vehicle 001” es el primero de una de las sagas de juegos estilo Run&Gun más populares de todos los tiempos, lo que no resulta difícil de creer si se tiene en cuenta la calidad que desborda en todos sus apartados. Gracias al éxito de esta primera entrega pudimos disfrutar luego de sus fabulosas secuelas (en especial Metal Slug 2, X y 3), que también arrasaron en las salas recreativas de todo el mundo. Han pasado ya muchos años desde que apareció esta primera entrega y, a pesar de ello, sigue casi tan de actualidad como entonces, sin acusar prácticamente el paso del tiempo, cosa que no es fácil de conseguir en una industria que avanza con tanta rapidez como la de los videojuegos. Para resumir todo lo anterior se puede decir que Metal Slug es un juego clásico, sencillo, divertido de jugar como pocos y además ¡ideal para liberar estrés!
Neo GeoRandom Access
Metal Slug is a killer game, bogged down only by its daunting difficulty for those not used to this high-energy, reflex-demanding genre. For those that love a solid action title, look no further than the original Metal Slug to get your heart racing and keep your trigger finger busy. And for those who lack a Neo Geo system (and there are more than a few out there), the Metal Slug Anthology for the Wii, PSP, and PlayStation 2 is the way to go (and it also features six other games in the series), or you might be able to snag it on the original PlayStation, via the PlayStation Network, or on WiiWare. It's everywhere, man. Yes, it is.
Alles in allem ist Metal Slug ein geniales Spiel, das für alle Altersgruppen mit genügend Reflexen geeignet ist. Die Musik macht richtig Laune, die tollen Grafiken sind eine Augenweide und der Spielwitz liefert den Rest, der dieses Spiel zu einem absoluten Spitzen-Game macht! Aufgrund einiger Mängel wie den Problemen beim Schießen (nur vier Richtungen und im Panzer Steuerungsschwierigkeiten) oder der fehlenden Rüstung verfehlt Metal Slug die volle Punktzahl nur knapp, nichtsdestotrotz ist es ein Spiel, das jeder einmal getestet haben sollte. Wem die neun von zehn Punkten nicht reichen, sollte sich an Metal Slug 2 probieren, das von mir die volle Punktzahl erhält. Doch dazu in einem späteren Review.
SEGA SaturnSEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA)
Plus qu'une "limace de métal" c'est un jeu en or qui se cache derrière ce titre. Les mordus d'action se doivent d'avoir ce titre qui est un indispensable de la ludothèque japonaise de la Saturn. Les 6 volets qui ont suivi, bâties sur des bases identiques sont la preuve même de l'engouement qu'à su susciter ce jeu. Même si aujourd'hui il vous est possible d'acquérir tous les épisodes sur une seule galette le plaisir d'une manette Saturn entre les mains ou mieux d'un stick est incomparable et vous pourrez dire: "Moi j'y étais!"
Our recommendation? Bite the bullet. Metal Slug, whether or not you own it on Wii already, is arguably the most notable Neo Geo action game ever made and having it in immediately accessible, Wii Channel form with Classic Controller support is just about the best this classic is ever going to get on a home console. It's an excellent game to play through yourself, and even better when tackled with a friend through its co-op mode. What's more, it's proof that the Virtual Console still has plenty of greatness left in store for we retro gamers, even now in the post-WiiWare launch era. So bite that bullet. Clean out the fridge, drop nine bucks, and blast some Rebels with your Slug.
Ça blaste dans tous les sens, ça fait boum-crack, ça ne ralentit jamais (soupir d'extase), c'est archi-détaillé graphiquement et ça peut se jouer à deux ! Un jeu qui ferait plaisir à n'importe quel GI. Rien de très original cependant.
WiiNintendo Life
The game easily has some of the best 2D graphics ever made, as everything moves incredibly fluidly. Screen-sized bosses have no trouble looking smooth, and tons of stuff in the background, such as houses and boats, explodes and breaks down all the time. Music-wise there's nothing excellent to speak of, but it does get the point across, as it's fast-paced and quite lively. The game is highly regarded among tons of gamers, so you can honestly do no wrong in downloading this title. This will probably be the best Neo Geo game on VC for quite a while.
Neo GeoDefunct Games
While the game is a little more limited than it's sequels, it's well worth playing through. It's just as much fun now, and you might enjoy it even more today than you would have at it's release. In a time when you can't find games like this anywhere, this game reminds me why 3D isn't ALWAYS better.
Grizzly gore aside, however fun this game may be to pick up and play in the short-term, there just isn’t enough here to keep you going for very long. To make matters worse, you can start a new game on the same level in which your previous, extensive, offering of credits expired on. So you should be able to complete Metal Slug within an hour. Sad but true. Enjoyment is rekindled, albeit in a limited supply, due to the ‘Combat School’ mode in which you enlist in a special army and must complete certain tasks to better your skill. But like we said, this is just a mere boost to an otherwise distinct shortage of a game.
ArcadeAll Game Guide
Metal Slug could be a bit longer, but it is plenty difficult, posing serious challenges for even the most savvy of trigger-happy arcade veterans. The two-player simultaneous mode is recommended.
70 (UK)
A fantastic game then, in a slightly inferior technical presentation that offers poor value compared to the other available methods of sampling this fine shooter. Truly, Nintendo giveth and Nintendo taketh away.
Neo GeoAll Game Guide
Combining a unique over the top style of graphics with hilarious animation sequences, then with exciting and polished gameplay, Metal Slug is a game that no fan of the platform shooter genre should miss out on. The game's difficulty level is harsh, and it'll take you a lot of playtime to get the skills to master it.