Metal Slug: Super Vehicle - 001 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Game starts
Use knife
Helicopter fight
Use big rock to smash
Mission 1 complete!
Mission 2 start
Looks like Nazi Berlin
Don't be electrocuted
Enemy tank to destroy
Now, I must sink boat
Nice machine
Rolling grenades
In metal slug
Boss - big plane
Snowy terrain
Push big button
Life lost
Miniboss with minigun
Enemy at the Gates
Too many tanks
Tank duel

Neo Geo version

Mission 1
Rescue the prisoners in the level
"Aye, aye, Captain"
Guess what is behind the trousers correctly, and you'll get $10,000
A soldier signals a warning
Marco is driving a tank
A ship has crash-landed near a waterfall
Statistics show how many prisoners you rescued
Mission 2
Marco decides to take a splash
A fish catches Marco
On top of one of the houses
Mission 3
One of these tough guys that you'll meet throughout the game
"Oh boy, I love chicken. Can I have some please?"
It's freezing today
Mission 4
Nice view of the mountains
Mission 5
More helicopters
Mission 6
Marco is falling down
Using a mounted gun to shoot some choppers

PlayStation version

Title screen
Main menu
Tutorial "How to Play" mode
Loading screen: Mission 1.
After having equipped the Heavy Machine Gun, Marco Rossi starts to hit-kill the first enemy soldier!
Marco Rossi using the Heavy Machine Gun to free some hostages... and to hit-beat some soldiers too!
A missile-shooter helicopter tries to stop Marco Rossi, but he starts a Heavy-Machine-Gun-offensive!
Taking advantage of high-damage bombs, Marco Rossi starts to destroy the soldiers' "headquarters"...
Riding the Metal Slug, Marco Rossi finds a soldier-protected section: a cannon shot it's enough...
And Metal Slug is suddenly damaged by the huge energy beam fired by a wrecked plane (The Bomber)...
Marco Rossi jumping over some electric barriers and crawling soldiers: he'll continue the mission...
Marco Rossi killing a row of parachute soldiers with the acquired Flame Shot: it's a burning strike!
An enemy boat are approaching, and Marco Rossi uses the acquired Rocket Launcher to sink-destroy it!
Threatened by Rail Tank's shot, Marco Rossi finds some free space to counterattack with the Shotgun.
Metal Slug Frontal Attack: a good way to beat many enemies and an unusual way to free hostages...
Marco Rossi throwing another round of bombs, now in the Jumbo Jet: sorry for this, General Morden...
To continue his task, Marco Rossi must to raise the wall ahead, and he'll do this using some bombs.
Marco needs to jump accurately to escape of this uncomfortable situation! The enemies are waiting...
Through the Heavy Machine Gun, Marco Rossi briefly surrounds Allen O'Neil using lots of air shots.
Some soldiers are about to surround Marco, and Marco is about to kill one of them using his knife...
Marco Rossi finds a huge building: and he's concentrating the Shotgun ammo in an explosive barrel...
The Big Tank shoots a huge energy beam, that hits Metal Slug: however, its shooting round continues!
Having arrived to another soldier-protected section, Marco looks and thinks where to shoot first...
Two enemy soldiers jumped into Metal Slug and one of them are trying to destroy its shooting part.
Metal Slug tries to avoid, but its attempt to escape of some enemy tank shots failed for a bit...
While Metal Slug attacks the front of a spike tank, some tele-guided missiles are about to hit it...
While Metal Slug is relatively safe against a round of turret shots, a counterattack is in process!
Metal Slug in a trouble against Super Tanks: now, it's time to use lots of turret guns and cannons!
Demonstration view: jumping of a car, Marco Rossi destroys an enemy front with the Rocket Launcher.
Before to free a hostage and to ride Metal Slug, Marco must take care with tanks and armored cars...
With an accurate use of the Flame Shot weapon, Marco Rossi kills some soldiers on top of some cars.
Even attacked by a helicopter and surrounded by soldiers, Metal Slug continues the shooting round!
To avoid be hit-damaged by one of these soldiers on motorcycles, Marco Rossi jumps off Metal Slug.
While Armored Carrier shoots some rockets against Marco, he strikes back with the Heavy Machine Gun.
While some soldiers are spending lots of grenades in Marco Rossi, he spends lots of ammo in a tank!
If Marco Rossi doesn't hurry with his Shotgun counterattack, he'll be hit by lots of steel tiles...
Surrounded by a tank and many soldiers on motorcycles, Marco Rossi waits the best chance to shoot.
Now, Marco finds a place where 4 hostages wait for freedom: quickly, two of them are freed at once.
Besides continuing to shoot with the machine-gun, Marco jumps off to escape some falling missiles.
A big platform are blocking Marco Rossi's crossing: he starts to use the machine-gun to demolish it!
Located in a platform mid-section, Metal Slug starts to shoot against General Morden's helicopter...

SEGA Saturn version

Main menu
Loading screen :-D
Beginning of the first level
Love the flame shot
Shooting the barrel will make the whole building explode
We managed to rescue some prisoners
Title screen

Windows version

Main menu
Playing the first stage (filtered graphics)
First boss fight
Blast from shotgun
In metal slug
Destroy plane
Miniboss fight
Tank explosion
Enemy army is doomed
More tanks
Giant boss

Official Screenshots

  • Metal Slug: Super Vehicle - 001 Screenshot
  • Metal Slug: Super Vehicle - 001 Screenshot
  • Metal Slug: Super Vehicle - 001 Screenshot
  • Metal Slug: Super Vehicle - 001 Screenshot
  • Metal Slug: Super Vehicle - 001 Screenshot
  • Metal Slug: Super Vehicle - 001 Screenshot
  • Metal Slug: Super Vehicle - 001 Screenshot
  • Metal Slug: Super Vehicle - 001 Screenshot
  • Metal Slug: Super Vehicle - 001 Screenshot