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Metal Slug X

Metal Slug X Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Player select
Game starts
Release P.O.W.s
Battle camel
Mobile rockets launcher
Boss fight
Now, I'm mummy too
Undead commando
Ancient tower
Life lost
Boss fight
Train mission
Tank to destroy
Complicated fight
Enemies are talking.... Die!
Enemy planes
Armored tank to destroy
Helicopter fight
Next miniboss
Metal slug
Suicide squadron
Next boss
Life lost in town

Metal Slug X Screenshots

Neo Geo version

Main menu
How to Play
Character Selection
Mission 1
"Meester, I really think that you take this baby away from here. It's far too dangerous for him here."
Mission 2
A mummy comes out from its tomb. Tarmo uses his iron lizard to destroy it
Cute little mutt
Tarma the mummy
"Now where do you think you are going, toots?"
Mission 3
Marco points a huge laser beam to the right, and manages to destroy some enemies
Tarma the pig
It's a bit cold riding a boat wiearing nothing but your socks
Tarmo riding a plane
Mission 4
"Get out of the friggin' way! Oh, there's no-one driving."
Rockets shooting out of wells? Now that's a good idea ... NOT!
Mission 6
New York looks good at sunset
On some railtracks
Get out of the way before you are squashed like a bug
That's a big tank
In the sewer
I'm too frozen

Metal Slug X Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen (Japanese)
Menu screen
Character selection