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PSPThe Video Game Critic (Feb 24, 2013)
All Metal Slug games are fun, but this isn't the best in terms of stage design. Most of the scenery is subterranean, and the mine cart area gets on my nerves. Still, Metal Slug XX is pure arcade fun and frankly there are few games I'd rather play on my PSP.
This is the essence of classic arcade gaming, recaptured for a new generation and perfectly suited to PSP. Taking the game with you opens up possibilities for co-op play with a friend, and the only thing better than playing with a friend is playing with three of four. This kind of Metal Slug mayhem isn't on the menu, but if Mario could pull it off, Metal Slug can't be far behind with four-player action. We certainly hope that there will be more of this good thing to come on PSP, as Metal Slug XX proves that classic side-scrolling action never gets old. For those of us that cut our teeth on Metal Slug and other fast-action arcade action games growing up in the golden age of videogames, Metal Slug XX is like a "Back to the Future" moment where we get to relive some great times that actually never happened. About the only thing we wish this had was the ability to play true online multiplayer, or the option to join more players into a local wireless game. Otherwise, it's retro perfection.
PSPWorth Playing (Mar 17, 2010)
If you're coming into Metal Slug XX with the knowledge that you enjoy Metal Slug games, then you should absolutely pick up this title, unless you've already had your fill with Metal Slug 7 on the DS. If this is your first foray into the series, though, then I still think it's worth checking out because it's cheap and you can scale back the difficulty to Easy to utilize the unlimited continues. Otherwise, you'll pull out your hair in frustration at the difficulty level of these particular games. As far as the franchise goes, Metal Slug XX is pretty accessible, and most action-oriented gamers will enjoy it.
PSPGame Shark (Apr 01, 2010)
These 70+ bite-sized missions include chunks of the main levels with specific rules or tasks, and can be ridiculously hard to get an "A" ranking on. While these missions are fun, it's a shame that Atlus didn't add more to the game than an extra character that costs $0.99. Still, for its budget price ($19.99), Metal Slug XX more than delivers on its promise of old-school mayhem.
74 (Mar 29, 2010)
Metal Slug XX is definitely not a bad game. Ad-Hoc multiplayer is fun, the combat school is a nice break from the main game, and the main quest is surely enjoyable. But for $20, you are way better off purchasing Metal Slug Anthology. The King of Fighters character available as DLC is a nice touch, but there really is no reason why this extra was not included with the full retail purchase of this game. Even though Metal Slug has not evolved, it is a still a fun game, but game design changes would definitely be welcomed in the inevitable Metal Slug 8.
PSPCheat Code Central (Feb, 2010)
In the end, Metal Slug XX is a gaming experience I thoroughly enjoyed. However, I grew up blowing through my allowance at Aladdin's Castle. The fact is, the Metal Slug experience simply isn't particularly well replicated on handhelds, and the PSP version isn't an exception; the co-op multiplayer offered on the system is only playable if you have two copies lying around, and the control scheme on Sony's portable is decidedly less acceptable than what was found on DS back in '08. I expect only hardcores and nostalgic gamers to truly enjoy the game. Everyone else will probably play it a handful of times and set it aside.
PSPGameZone (Mar 18, 2010)
Metal Slug XX is a fine addition to the franchise, giving hardcore legions of fans what they’ve come to want and love from the series. However, those expecting to see the franchise branch out and change up the formula will be disappointed.
PSPGamingTrend (Mar, 2010)
After my time with Metal Slug XX, I got to pondering how to approach the review of a game that doesn’t necessarily do very much wrong, but also doesn’t stand out as doing much special, either. The game plays just like side-scrollers of old and doesn’t really apologize for not trying to do anything innovative. In the end, I enjoyed my short time with the game, but really can’t recommend it to anyone except side-scrolling shooter fans or gamers who haven’t tried one before, but like the thrill of a good challenge.
PSPDigital Chumps (Mar 15, 2010)
Metal Slug XX is a textbook entry to the series. The familiar terrain is nice, but it may leave some unsatisfied. Coupled with the lack of online play, you might not get a lot of mileage out of this one.
PSPGame Critics (Mar 06, 2010)
For players who've never had the chance to partake of Metal Slug's particular brand of madness or for those hopelessly devoted to the series, Metal Slug XX will certainly be worth the time invested. For those (like myself) who may still have feelings for the Slugs but can't deny having been there and done that, there's not much reason to sign up for another tour of duty.
PSPGamervision (Apr 14, 2010)
There's about as little to legitimately rave about as there is to complain about. Metal Slug XX is a formulaic romp that should remind people who have ever played any other game in the series of every other Metal Slug game they've ever played. No risks were taken, no innovative ideas were uttered, and no minds were blown. That said, it's still a fun time, and is likely worth picking up for fans of the series that haven't already played Metal Slug 7. For those who have, or those who aren't too big on the franchise, it's an experience that can be skipped entirely, to send a message to the developers that it is likely time to go back to the drawing board.
64 (Jul 05, 2010)
Metal Slug ist Metal Slug bleibt Metal Slug: Erstaunlich, wie die Entwickler es schaffen, mal wieder die altbewährte Formel fast ohne Veränderungen zu präsentieren, ohne den Spieler in den Langeweile-Schlummer zu schicken. Hat man schon mal ein Metal Slug gespielt, irgendeines, dann ist man hier sofort drin - die paar neuen Waffen und Slugs ändern überhaupt nichts am ebenso bekannten wie unterhaltsamen Design, das nach wie vor perfekt für die durchgeballerte Viertelstunde geeignet ist. So sehr auf der einen Seite aber die Konserve bemüht wurde, so sehr vermisst man auf der anderen lieb gewonnene Traditionen: Wo sind die verzweigten Levels? Wo sind bescheuerte Ideen wie die Verwandlungen? Und vor allem: Wieso gibt es mehr als ein Jahr nach Veröffentlichung auf dem DS keinerlei Neuerungen auf PSP, von dem anderen Namen sowie dem Ad-Hoc-Mehrspielermodus mal abgesehen? Zwar ruckelt das Spiel auf dieser Plattform nicht so sehr wie auf dem DS, eine mittelschwere Enttäuschung ist es dennoch.
Xbox (UK) (Jul 15, 2010)
Is it a good port? Given SNK's admirable/foolish reluctance to move away from the series' sprite-based 2D roots, you'd expect nothing less than a perfect conversion, and that's what you get for the princely sum of 1200 Points. It doesn't scale well on gigantic tellies, and you must endure nasty 4:3 borders, but for the committed, that's all part of the authentic retro fun.
Xbox 360GameSpot (May 27, 2010)
For 1,200 points, you should get more than just this rough port of a year-old DS game that can be finished in one sitting. Metal Slug XX is still a playable side-scrolling shooter with a fair number of good points, most notably the great co-op, but the disappointing nature of the port and the fact that it offers little replay value make it tough to recommend.
PSPHonestGamers (Feb 28, 2010)
I never expected to harp on the same issues others have leveled against the series for years, but when SNK Playmore steadfastly refuses to reinvigorate the franchise, its flaws become more apparent with every episode. Common knowledge considers episodes one through three to be good; common knowledge considers episodes four through six to be bad. Congratulations, SNK Playmore: you've proven that you can almost compete with the standard set by SNK Oldstyle. That's great for people who are forced to play Metal Slug XX -- it's not so great for gamers actually hoping for something to match the stellar third episode's creativity. Even with the combat school missions and selectable soldiers, this game just doesn't feel fresh. It's time for some new enemies, new weapons, and new jokes. Perhaps it's time for Cyber Lip 2. It's a decent game, but it's also a tired game. That would be forgivable if Metal Slug Anthology didn't already exist.
PSPGaming Nexus (Mar 15, 2010)
Metal Slug purists may hate me for saying this, but it's time for this franchise to evolve. Metal Slug XX is a fun action game that simultaneously reminds me why I love AND hate this series. The great graphics and expressive characters aren't enough to make this two year old port worth $20!
55 (Jul 07, 2010)
Derrière Metal Slug XX se cache une adaptation sans saveur de Metal Slug 7. SNK ayant simplement copié/collé l'épisode sorti sur Nintendo DS, ce nouvel opus ne légitime en rien son prix excessif d'autant que le fond et la forme se veulent quasi identiques à leur modèle. Certes, on profite d'un rendu graphique légèrement meilleur et d'un mode 16/9 parfaitement adapté au support mais malgré tout, on se demande bien si c'est suffisant pour débourser 28 euros dans l'histoire.
PSPGameFocus (Mar 31, 2010)
I really dig how much heart and character the Metal Slug series has, with it’s goofy announcer and cartoony blood-filled battles. It’s just a shame that the series has stagnated since it left arcades. The game is almost universally unforgiving and doesn’t seem to want to let the player ease into its world and actually learn. Rather, Metal Slug XX prefers to pummel you with a difficulty that’s more unfair than it is legitimately challenging.
Xbox (Jun 01, 2010)
Derrière Metal Slug XX se cache une adaptation sans saveur de Metal Slug 7. SNK ayant simplement copié/collé l'épisode sorti sur Nintendo DS, ce nouvel opus ne légitime en rien son prix excessif d'autant que le fond et la forme se veulent quasi identiques à leur modèle. Certes, on profite ici de l'aspect HD sauf que celui-ci dessert plus qu'il n'améliore l'ensemble. Un comble pour un segment sachant prodiguer quelques moments bien fendards mais qui ne fera pas date dans l'histoire de la saga.